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UK Trampa wand housing, Bindings, Metr pro CAN

TRAMPA wand aluminium housing green

Mountainboard bidings

APS 6384s shafts (8mm)

Metr pro can brand new

Free shipping in UK if you buy 2 or more items


which gear drives are those?
are they all metal?

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Motor gear 14t all metal and wheel gear 60t let’s say its hybryd :sweat_smile: metal teeth and 3dprinted ABS hub


You sell the motots separately? Could you give more information about them?

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Ah nice
Custom made?

Also how used it and what trucks?

I would rather sell it as all sorry

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Yep custom made

I had different set of gears before nylon/metal but not too good. So decided to go hybryd after that and to be honest I have only done few miles on them.

They look like old matrix but not sure if they matrix’s :sweat_smile: hangers are identical to Trampa infinity 12mm solid.

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Looks cool

I want the nano x

Lower prices

I think that’s a Firefly remote, not a Nano X…

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Yes you are right :sweat_smile:

More parts added

How si the reliability on the firefly?

Works really well acually, never had any signal lose issuse. Its still DIY tho

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K thanks might be interested will get back to you soon

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Ill take the APS shafts

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No problem @moon send me a pm

Added BMS and lower prices

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is the bms a smart bms
kinda looks like the llt ones