UK,For Sale ,Complete Omni Gear Drive kit includes Omni AT wheels

Omni Esk8 Gear Drive Kit with Omni AT wheel package

Selling a complete almost new Omni gear drive kit .See below what’s included
1x pair of Omni gear drives
1x pair of complete new unused gear drive cases and new covers
Abec / Keegle adapters
Omni Billet AT wheels
Evolve 150mm tyres n tubes
Mounting hardware gear grease
Uk based £325 no offers plus post
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Can someone tell me why my add is greyed out . I’ve done what the mod asked

Grayed out means that you are up to date on the thread. There are no new messages so it is graying out saying you’ve completed reading it.

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Thanks mate for explaining as I had no clue . I asked a member who was very quick to point out that I had posted in the wrong section before I reposted but wouldn’t explain what you just have and got shirty . So thanks again :call_me_hand:

Yeah ofc.

We’re happy to have you here so making it easier is no problem.

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