UK and euro Group Buy 2170s or whatever?


Just trying to gain a bit of interest, As everyone is aware getting qenuine cells is a nightmare and very difficult.

I Have contacted battery hookup to see if we could negotiate some discount for below. Maby we could get a little discount or free postage.

This is for UK an euro only, please comment if interested or any questions.

The best part of buying from them is there will be a high chance of the cells being what they are Sopposed to be.

These look pretty good value, max discharge 10a.

Knowing a little bit about battery packs, my packs are pretty big 10p, this extends the lift of the pack and charging cycles.

But I will go with whatever the majority wants. So if there is something better then please do comment.

Happy to arrange and dispute the cells to whoever in the uk and euro.

Batteryhook are one of the cheapest places I’ve seen.

(Hoping all the big battery builders are interested)

if p42a’s are gonna be there then i may be in for a bunch

Have a look at what they have.

Please delete post as not a lot of interest
Thank you

Tbf I think it’s a really good idea I’d love to join I just don’t need any cells atm

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