Ubox single VESC 80A 100V. Anyone else have? Connect prob

Remote binds to Vesc. Not recognized by the Vesc tool and no throttle. Followed their instructions and no go. Uart or ppm. Pic of your receivers? I have one in the nrf port and one in the comm port

Which remote? Im using both the Ubox remote and the puck

What’s your firmware version? I have the 75v v2 100a and had so many issues with dropping settings or communication issues until I rolled back to 5.2.

I tried 5.3 which came stock installed and had dropouts and canbus problems so bad it threw me a few time. Rolled it up to 6.0fw and it seemed great until it wasn’t, got 50miles in before it dropped all the settings on one side mid toe-side turn into traffic putting me in a ditch. Couldn’t recover or redo detection until I limped it home and plugged in my pc.

Rolled back to 5.2 and no issues at all, remote connection is solid. Metr shows the ubox throws no fault’s anymore. Up to 150 miles since the roll back and nothing even slightly suspicious going on now.

I think the qc for the latter firmware is trash and ill proselytize for 5.2 all day now :joy: