Typical and max enclosure thicknesses?

For the pre-built, commercial non-CF (non-carbon fiber) battery/electronics enclosures what is a typical wall/floor thickness? 3mm perhaps? Do they ever get thicker than that?

For the DIY non-CF enclosures what is probably the max thickness? Am I correct in assuming they are typically thicker than pre-built enclosures?

I can’t say what this is about right now but will definitely post when I can. Thanks!

No prebuilt really uses a carbon fibre enclosure. Only 2 boards to my memory have ever used them, lacroix and the original black carve. Most prebuilts use 3-6mm abs or metal. There are loads of carbon fibre boards with built in spaces but they don’t really have a measurable thickness

Metal prebuilt enclosures can probably go below 3mm, and yea diy abs enclosures often are really thick, 5mm or thicker

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That thick? Ouch…:pensive:
Thinking about it more I guess that makes sense. With all that weight ripping at the bolt holes you need a decent amount of material there.

The enclosures from eboardsperu for our diy boards are quite thin, like 2-3mm eyeballing it
But on the other side bigbens fiberglass enclosure are a bit thicker at 4-5mm atleast the older ones I had