Types of group leaders

How accurate am I and is there anything anyone wanna add…? I was bored at work and decided to get write this up. Along with getting out sole frustrations in my own group.

-Arm chair Leaders: Only active online and makes a group online. Always posting other content, never making content. Always saying the group ride will be “soon” but nothing ever materializes. Groups are often inactive or dead with them constantly posting despite no one interacting. Not very creative enough to put together a ride and hopes someone else will lead for them. No one ever met this person in real life.

-Piggy back leaders: They don’t actually lead. They’re just there when someone else leads and tries to take credit for it. Often times doesn’t actually contributes to the growth of the group and blames others for lack of growth. If this isn’t an actual leader in the group, they’d be an Armchair leader. Too big of a pussy to lead anything.

-The Suggestion Leader: Not a leader at all, but thinks they’re making large contributions by suggesting shit. Acts like the boss. Never willing to take the initiative and is unaware of the current status of the group. Always has a suggestion and it involves someone else executing it. Often unrealistic suggestions that don’t match the current man power. No one likes this person.

-All about the numbers Leader: Works to put together group rides and events but only focuses on the numbers. Doesn’t give a shit about you, just wants people to show up. Gets very depressed with low turn out and will often cancel rides if projected turn outs are low. Not passionate about the hobby, just wants attention. This person has no friends.

-The reluctant Leader: Never wanted to lead anything, just wanted to ride. Doesn’t have an ego, just wants to ride. Often praised for being a good leader, doesn’t want it just wants to ride. Will burn thr group down in a heart beat if shit gets out of hand, just wants to ride.

-The douchebag Leader: Very strong leadership skills. Able to get people out to rides. Hosts great rides and seems like a good person to be friends with. Then you learn he’s a narcissistic douchebag that can’t take things seriously. Their circle of friends wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire but they’ll ride with them still.

-One hit Leader: Gets in the hobby, loves it, super active for a few months. Makes another group despite one already present and active, makes social media accounts for group, and tries to promote group. Then falls off the face of the earth and becomes inactive. Never seen again.

No awesome or even just decent leader types?


Sounds like business too

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I appreciate the compliment mooch :kissing_heart:


Well, your check arrived. :grin:


I left that blank on purpose. Share your experience of a good leader. I’m curious to hear other’s perspective.

I dont have an esk8 group, so this is not an attack on my character. T.T


Tom Pagut of the NYC PEV community is a great example of someone who got started as a great leader and is still doing so to this day.

Some die a hero, some live long enough to see themselves become the villain, and some are Tom Pagut lol


Tom is the opposite of the armchair leader. He’s always riding but never online :joy:


Just ride alone.

Sucks in the long term. At least i feel that way.

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I dont like meeting new people but it does look like fun.

i’m kinda akward when meeting new people but i still wish i could meet more.


Ur still awkward online so you might as well full send it and be awkward IR too