Two boards for sale with two TSG Pass Helmets, bundle only (Bay Area, California)

I was told I should also post this here:

Hello all, I am done with the hobby, officially done. I am focusing on school and I actually need the money to get me through the last year. I am also just shit out of money being a college student as this hobby has just sucked all my money from me. I also have hardly been doing any riding lately at all. Part of me believes this is the dumbest and most expensive hobby fucking ever, but I have truly loved every second of it getting to ride with friends. However, there is also nothing in the world that can compare to flying down the street at 35 mph on a portable fucking rocket.

I will only be selling it all as a bundle as I need someone to buy my life. The bundle will be including:

  • Two’s

  • Two medium TSG Pass Helmets (Red and Purple)

  • Obed Bag

  • Two chargers

  • Two remotes

  • Various extra thingies I’ve aquired over time

Pictures Here

The one with All terrain wheels is push to start. I recently swapped the motors out for brand new ones and it runs smooth.

The other Kaly with street wheels is the old school version with an anti spark switch. Takes off like a damn Tesla. Unfortunately the other month I accidentally over tightened a bolt. The shaft became a little loose and I’m sure it’s an easy fix. I am just out of time and money for this hobby. Other than that it runs good.

Both TSG pass helmets are a size medium. The purple one is in perfect condition. The red one has some scratches from a fall I took awhile back. Other than that they are amazing helmets that make you look like a fucking badass.

I am asking $2800 for everything you see in the picture, local and cash only. I am willing to drive halfway pretty much anywhere in California to make this happen. It is a comparable price to similar boards on the market and you get not one, but two badass boards that can each similarly and most likely outperform just the one. Any questions please feel free to message me.

Thank you

Here is my Instagram if you’d like to see some cool pictures I’ve tried taking with them or to DM me

And below is a badass video a friend helped me film on his drone:


Matched your trust level with builder’s forum just in case this obsession pulls you back in.

Best of luck with your sale!

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Thank you Bill, maybe once I finish school and get a good paying job :smiley:


I would have so many things if it weren’t for esk8. Now I just have esk8.

Nice boards dude. Watch them sell fast. You’ll have a fuck ton of more money to spend on this stuff after school anyways. :smile:


Fuck man that’s exactly how I feel, it would have be nice to have a triple ultrawide 27" monitors running off a $3000 gaming PC considering the amount of time I spend in front of my computer. I can always dream, but it’s too late to go back now.

It’s just that when you’re riding you feel fucking invincible like you’re about to go save the world or some shit like you’re a god damn superhero, and the thrill of blasting down the road like a missile is honestly better than sex.

I need to be better at saving, but yes just one more year of school to go.

Thank you :laughing:


damn. that’s a good deal. How many charges have each board had?


Yeah it’s kind of priced to move as I have a trip across the US in less than two weeks. The one with All Terrain Wheels had the battery replaced a little less than a year ago and honestly it has not been ridden much since. The one with street wheels has quite a bit of charges on it, but considering I weigh 125 lbs, with the street setup I swear I still get around 25 miles with it. I am unsure the exact amount of charges

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damn. im 100 so idk how much range I’d get with it :joy:

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27 I’m guessing, but I don’t know how either of you ride… :joy:

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Quick bursts to show off at stop lights lol, and usually chill unless I’m trying to show off. I mostly ride around my campus at UC Davis which is the largest biking city. It’s so fun passing everyone




Hehe… Sean you got my hidden joke…


lol same

where are u in the bay area?

I’m in Vacaville/Davis, like 15 minutes below Sacramento. Hour and 15 from San Francisco

is vacaville the Bay Area?

Eh its bordering, I put Bay Area because it’s well known for everyone. I am absolutely willing to drive though

if you’re willing to seperate the two boards, i may take the AT one

Gonna keep em together for now, thank you

let me know.

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