Turn indicator on esk8 - a discussion

What are your opinions about turn indicators on esk8?

I think hand signal are way more visible since people don’t expect it to have turn signals on the first place, and can be hard to see

That being said I had it on my board for a while. Yeah, they are inverted, that’s what you get for programming with the board upside down


But what if someone lives in a country, where you need that to drive it legally and to get a general operating license for your esk8?

If someone could invent a remote glove combo that has integrated turn signals on the back (flexible flat pixel led screen), a mirror built in so you can see cars behind you, a horn, etc. it would solve a lot of problems. It need’s a plastic protective puck that the remote spring locks in to for easy install and removal. This puck would obviously need to protect you and the remote.

Someone make my visions happen, I’m too inept to work it out in a feasible time frame.


Someone on the german esk8 forum have a horn, mirror and the remote in one hand.

That already exists for bicycles.

I’ve seen it used in clothing before so it makes the most sense to safely crash with and not be bulky. We just need an esk8 specific one. Any pics of the german one?

An idea I had (which I might still implement) is using the 2nd channel on whatever remote you have + a micro-controller like an arduino to read it and control your lights. On my APS remote there was 1 dedicated button for the 2nd channel, so my logic was:

  • Press once to turn on right turn indicators
  • Press twice to turn on left turn indicators
  • Hold for a second to turn off indicators
  • And use the first channel to detect when braking, and use that for brake lights.

I was going to use a LED strip on the side of my Hummie deck for it, but I’ve switched decks so will have to do it by putting LEDs on my Moon drives or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I will dig for the specific video. When I am back on home.

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Just a thought I had, why not put a simple accelerometer+rate gyro on the board, read the rates(left right) acceleration (fwd, braking) and light appropriate leds with arduino.

Is such a thing available?

Wouldn’t that only turn the signals on while actively turning?


I’m assuming we’re talking about lights at night as OP mentioned countries that require turn indicators. Definitely use hand signals always, no one wants to be that guy.


Id imagine it cant be very complicated. Wajdi had it done with his photon. Remote I heard multiple times that it sucks but the principle of moving the joystick left or right for the led strip to flash yellow on the first 4/Last 4 made it a sale for me

As an example, Germany. That is needed, because esk8 in Germany are declared as motor vehicle and that means, that you need insurance, the light shit, license plate and general operating license to drive legally. Practically a car. I would also prefer hand signals.

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Yep probably, just a thought as I said.

I have break lights on my bajaboard - they are kinda cool but I am pretty sure only cars that are well behind me can see them , I don’t see how lights < 1ft off the ground could be visible to a car following close behind

defintily something on the jacket or helmet would be more visible for people driving behind you. maybe lazyrolling will do something like that one day :sweat_smile:
kevlar protection hoddie with integrated turning indicator.

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yes, could be pretty cool having some fancy animated led indicators on shoulders :slight_smile:

EDIT: with some lidar to give you a warning when a car is too close

EDIT EDIT: and some nerf guns that auto fire when car is following too close


I’d like to stay classified as a pedestrian thank you, so don’t go giving the authorities stupid ideas they couldn’t come up with themselves.

For countries that have authorities that are already that retarded i.e. Germany, that’s not my problem, so please don’t make it my problem.

the op is german, so i think it´s in his interest to have a discussion about it. As well it is for me.
i still hope this is an international forum, so we can discuss also country specific topics.


Sometimes a discussion about a country specific topic in an international forum like this, brings fresh air in, I think. It is funny, what ideas people have and share with others and their opinions about a topic.

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