[Tuning Stage] III:THE EMPRESS | Apex Bro / Airs / Chain Drive | 6384 140 kv 5:1 | 12s2p P42A | DV6 | | 8" Rockstar II

100% a good sign. I would really recommend some armour (armor over there :smiley:), I try and wear mine as much as possible.

I have the Thor sentry XP I think, very good.

Full face helmet with a chin guard is a must, gloves are a must and good kneepads are a must (I have the TSG DHP’s) and then deffo recommend the armour for the top when possible.

Also we never got a pic of the finished board!

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Wow, just now realized that! Took so many pictures I forgot to take pics of the final product :sweat:

Pics will be incoming soon :kissing_heart:


Glamour Shots:

Last thing I really need to do is fix up that wiring in the back to be more neat, purposely used yellow zip ties so that it would annoy me enough to change it quickly :grin:


You still got these around?

Yesssss! That graphic turned out so good!!! Still a mean haero, but now with+10 style.


Just went for my first ride after the doctors cleared me to ride again! Nice little 3 mile stint to get used to things again. Not gonna lie I had a bit of a case of shaky legs so I took things pretty slow this time.

One thing I’m noticing about this board is every once in a while when braking it is a bit jerky. Sometimes it ramps down fine and other times it jerks quickly. I changed the negative ramp time from from .2 to .3 and I think it has helped but I’m not 100% sure.

I also wanted to try out current hyst reverse to have the same kind of power going forwards and backwards but I got a bit skeeved out when testing it out off the board and changed it back. Need to look at some more vesc tutorials to see if I can figure out a good config.

Honestly just glad to be riding again! I’ll iron out the small stuff as time goes on.


@MrDrunkenMobster First pic from this thread should be good for the boty glamour shot:

Thanks again for hosting!


To clarify, you want this pic as your glamour shot?

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Yes, that’s perfect!

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