Trying out smart glasses

Wanted to explore other options than to just look at my phone or down at the davega to see my telemetry. So i found Vuzix smart glasses to see how it would apply to the ESK8 scene. Made a video summary of my experiences. Not the same quality as Mario or Ryan’s video quality but the info is there!


Quite an interesting thing to highlight. I’ve had this kind of thing in the back of my mind too, pretty cool idea.

There are a few awesome HUD helmets out there, and I think those are really cool as well, but they’re insanely expensive haha

turn by turn would definitely be awesome, especially for leading group rides

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Well the other thing i imagined is if there was a hazard, one could sort of ping the spot as soon as they pass it and others wearing smart glasses could see the spot highlighted in their field of view like way points in video games highlight the area in ur view. Or even highlight everyone’s position on the map or even in or field of view


That would be interesting haha, it would need to be VERY easy to use though, but maybe one day!


Ya one could dream. We’d be old by that time probably

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Doesn’t mean we can’t still be riding though :grin:

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Our future group ride…


OOOh hell yeah baby let’s get that 80mph scooter

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Pssh! Ill get the 85 mph scooter and full send that bitch on my way to get a shot of prune juice!