Truck, motor mount question

Hi guys, I have come a bit in terms of building boards but still could use some help so I dont get screwed and have to keep parts that don’t fit. I am looking at flipsky 6384 motors and wanted to know what mounting options I have. I know evolve trucks and mounts are advertised to not fit them, so I was wondering if there was another fairly budget conscious way to do so while still maintaining product quality. I looked into trampa trucks and a dual motor mount kit but its a bit pricey all things considered.

BN all the way


Assuming you meant trampas rkp trucks and not their channels I would recommend you look at boardnamics stuff. As of recently he even sells his own flipsky 6384s, so you would be able to get them from the same place.


Really like the look of the Metal matrix 2s, the black looks really solid. Anyone have a used pair or know anyone who does? Also as for mounts for them what are my options?

  • still keeping other options open, will check out BN stuff but the Metal matrix 2s I think are my top pick atm.
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Are you looking for more traditional longboard trucks (rkp, tkp, dkp mby) or channels? there’s a pretty significant difference between the two, so you can’t use them interchangeably

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Never heard of channel trucks before, could you give an example and explain. I like the dkp on the evolve gt and gtr because it adds some nice adjustability but thats just my 2 cents.

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Basically the defining trait of channel trucks (like the ones MBS, trampa ect make) have zero degree baseplates. What this essentially means is that they will not turn at all on standard longboard decks, where the area the trucks mount is parallel to the ground. You see how the trampa and mbs decks have angled fronts and backs? that’s because this angle is nessecery for channel trucks to turn - they wont work on most decks (like the one an evolve would use or whatever) More standard trucks like dkp, rkp, and channels like the matrix 2s are used for different stuff, so you cant really compare them head to head as they require completely different setups.


You wanna buy some surfrods with mounts? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Send me some photos. Also will they fit dual 6384 motors traditionally mounted?

Got that kit last month and it’s seriously good value. Cheaper than Trampa equivalent if you’re trying to save on cost and still want some decent kit.

Yea, im not gonna buy the entire kit because I’m building a street board so I have no use for the extra wheels and stuff. I am still in need of a motor mount kit however, so if anyone knows or has a motor mount kit for a pair of matrix 2s that will fit dual 6384 motors let me know! It doesn’t have to be the branded matrix kit, im just looking for one that is compatible!

Yes indeedy petey

what deck you using?

Modifying a globe 8 inch deck similar to how kami juins did by mounting the trucks onto the elevated ends.

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