Truck Hardware Poll

Yo Yo friends I’ve got a quick poll for yall to fill out. I’m curious to see what everyone is rocking.

Truck hardware is kind of a weird subject, and there’s people that swear by both Metric and Imperial standards. For me, I run a huge mix of stuff since I usually use the screws that come with the trucks / kits that I get.

Some of you may know but I’m working on some enclosures for MTB’s and I’m trying to make final adjustments to my hardware adapter plate that the truck bolts travel through. There’s a possibility I will provide rear hardware with the plates, like DaVega does, but I will likely be able to support other hardware as well.

So this is the question, what bolt do you use, and what style? Please also vote which head type you prefer / use in the second comment

  • Imperial
  • Metric

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  • #10-24
  • #10-32
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • Other

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I am also curious about length. Personally I believe the “standard” length is usually 1.5 inches but I could be wrong. On my Apex Air build I run 40mm M5’s in the rear and the provided DaVega hardware in the front.

  • 1"
  • 1.25"
  • 1.5"
  • 1.75"
  • 2" (I hope not lol)
  • 25 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 45 mm

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I’m super interested to see the results of this, I personally think you should use the shortest ones possible for usability and aesthetics, but sometimes I just use what’s around. For me, 40 was required to go through the thick Haero Bro deck, angled wedge, and the nut on the thick side of the rear truck, whereas I used 35 mm for the thin side.

P.S. If anyone is using M4 for your truck hardware, I’ll cross my fingers for you bc that sounds nutty


Wow quite interesting results so far, I actually didn’t expect this many metric answers.

Most of the truck bolts I’ve gotten from kits have been 10-32

Edit: I also forgot to add a head type which was half the reason I wanted to do this

Please answer what your favorite / preferred head type is below:

  • Flat Head (Countersunk)
  • Button Head
  • Pan Head
  • Socket Head

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Where are the options for 2.5" and 3" truck hardware?

Lol I can add those if you like but the length was mostly for curiosity rather than market research

You got big risers?

Edit: jk you can’t edit polls after 5 minutes lol

By not including options you think aren’t popular, you can be inadvertently skewing the results and enlarging the errors.


That is a good point, didn’t think of that.

It’s good enough for what I was looking for anyways - if you use skate hardware longer than 2 inches feel free to let me know

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I use skate hardware longer than 2 inches


I like m5 but it seems Surf rods are designed for 10-32. Whenever I screw a fresh baseplate on, my screws tap the holes for m5. It’s just a smidge bigger. 10-32 is the skateboard standard so it makes sense.


Yeah just a tiny bit, I’ll probably size my holes for M5 though because I want to be compatible with both options

Noted :slight_smile:

Screw imperial hardware!


No socket pattern. I hate them.

The expense is worth it. Consider the time spent cutting up your knuckles trying to tighten with a socket in one hand and a wera in the other.

These are the wera of hardware.


Interesting haha never used em before

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The Muirskate shop is less than 30 mins from you. Buy online or just show up to the warehouse.


Yeah ik I’ve been there before when I worked with Revel

I wonder what the width of these is

63.5 mm

76.2 mm



Except they are short fuckers. These are almost the Wera of hardare :rofl:


Already checked for that :rofl:

The metric options were even more lacking


Lol 40mm for a normal truck is already extremely long

Unless you have huge risers you don’t need much more than 2 in or 45mm

Remember if you edit a poll that the votes will be reset.


I use titanium M5 bolts, and i’ve got full sets in 35, 50, and 60mm lol. Socket head ofcourse.