Trickle charging battery kept in storage - 10s3p at 29.6v

The battery I kept in storage - 10s3p - isn’t charging.
Trying to charge it with the Accucel 6 gives a main port connection error.

When taking a multimeter and measuring B- to P10 I get 29.6 volts which leads me to believe that I should be able to trickle charge it. However, the battery won’t trickle charge on NiMh or NICD setting at 0.1 mah on the Accucel because of the main port connection error.

I checked the charge negative and positive and they are displaying a different figure: 20.7 volts. I’ve been out of the esk8 game for a while and am a bit confused about the different readings. Any help is appreciated.

Measure each P group to main negative, and put those ten measurements here.

BE SUPER CAREFUL not to accidentally short anything out.


P1 2.93
P2 5.89
P3 8.84
P4 11.81
P5 14.77
P6 17.73
P7 20.6
P8 23.6
P9 26.6
p10 29.6

The charge port tends to run lower than the actual battery if you’re not pulling current, and the real low point for a 10s li-ion pack is 25V so I wouldn’t be too worried

As Brian said check cell by cell, and if you have something like an 8s1/2a charger you should be able to use that which will bring you to 33.6V after which you can go to 10s


You’re missing P0

Otherwise you’re at the following voltages which is fine

Def in need of a balancing for that 0.13v difference but that’s not awful

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Thanks for the quick reply. That’s a relief. Ill look for a 8s 1/2 a charger, dont have one currently

Wait I’m dumb don’t look for the P0 voltage

Yep, this means you should be okay to charge at the main battery terminals briefly and bypass the BMS until it gets high enough to let the BMS charge it

It also means it’s likely no group has gone below 2.5V and taken damage


TY 10char

hahaha, just reads this now. my bad for wrong notation, should have started with p0

P0 to main battery negative should measure 0.00V

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