Traveling with a skate

Wife and I are looking to do a long weekend in Singapore. Last trip in hk we had to walk everywhere it was a nightmare. Our 6 year old is coming with us and is happy to cruise around on a electric hire scooter. She does this when we go to brisbane. What are the rule with battery size on international flights in Aus its 160 Wh. I am happy to build some smaller packs for our skates. Also in Singapore which is super strict law wise what is the speed limit legality things to watch out for. Sorry but my research is inconclusive and would like some local advice. Can I hire a lime there?
Are there no go areas.
Atleast i wont have to worry about getting gum on my wheels?

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@BillGordon might be the best person to answer


Yup, I got you bro. PM sent.


Awesome! Do join us for a group ride when you’re here.

Laws wise, as long as you dont ride on the roads, and travel slow when on pavements or when theres people around, it’s fine.

Walkway pavements speed limits are 10km/h max speed. Park connector pavements or PCNs are 25km/h.

Occasional ‘excuse me, coming through’ and ‘thank you’ when passing by pedestrians on a narrow walkway is highly suggested :hugs:


For sure that’s good advice, I have already had a run in the authorities at Changi Airport
I was wearing a Tshirt with Buddha smoking a spliff, I just got back from Amsterdam, I was strongly advised to change my shirt before leaving the airport, They missed the packet of extra I had in my pocket, so long suckers.