Traveler board Kickstarter

Searched and didn’t see a post on this. Recently stumbled on this kickstarter for this board that comes apart to fit in a backpack (seems like it might be better than using a hinge like some I’ve seen) as well as one of the options being a 274 Wh battery that is made of 91 Wh packs that they have setup to work as one so you can take it on a plane when disconnected. Would definitely like it to succeed as it seems like a good idea.


Overpriced, gimmicky, and semi-pointless imo.

I’d personally much rather have a Revel kit, for much less money, and the ability to pick my deck. Putting it in a backpack… Idk I just can’t think of a scenario where it would be super useful.

My 2c, negative, for once lol


Rough day? Have a v8

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Assemble in less than a minute!! Makes us look bad, or good lol.

Mostly like the idea of the battery better, would have more range than the extended range revel kit while still being flight safe.

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I’m just going to copy over my comments on it from 3 months ago


It’s a joke of a product. Not even worlds first, there have been 2 other board with the same principle afaik

2649$ Retail price. Ha, what a joke.


There is no way that range number is accurate haha

XR range on the revel is at best 15 miles

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but at like what? 3 times the cost?

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I’m going entirely on the WH of the battery, extended range on revel is 216WH while 274WH on this one, sure there are other things that impact the range other than the battery but it’s a big one. AND that’s not to mention that the extended range Revel kit isn’t airplane safe.

Yeah well WH don’t mean anything if they use an inferior cell.

Also - their XR isn’t airplane safe either is it?

I mean neither of us know if that’s true or not but is a good point, I’ll ask the question on their kickstarter.

it is: “274 Wh battery gives up to 18 miles of range and can be separated into three smaller 91 Wh packs for travel to meet airport security standards.”

Ah I didn’t read that part. The rest of my point still stands though, the price, for one, is outrageous lol

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I don’t see anyone pointing out a huge issue on their page so I’ll do it

In addition to our 6-month warranty on all of our board components, we will offer a repair service for our board so that you will always have an option to fix your board instead of scrapping it. We also support the right to repair, so we will help you fix your own board yourself if you prefer.

They have a worse warranty than what comes with many of the prebuilt China boards since they often offer 9 month warranties for them.

Also seems very strange that they mention who is making the trucks, wheels, bushings, and even the bearings and yet they don’t ever state who made the motors or what type of ESC they’re using. :thinking:

Enjoy the freedom of being able to upgrade your ride to a hill-climbing beast, a 45+ MPH speed demon, or even an all-terrain board if you swap out the trucks.

I’m pretty sure you can’t just swap out the trucks to make a board all terrain :rofl: Mountain boards use so many components that are completely different from what you see on street builds, and I am pretty sure there is a good reason for that. I don’t have a mountain board though so correct me if I’m wrong


This :arrow_down: is much, much better than that garbage, and is very portable.

Also don’t buy crowdfunded esk8s. Just don’t do it. Ever.

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With that low of Wh being belt drive is only hurting performance. IMHO any “flight safe” battery is best suited to hub motors for as little rolling resistance as possible to squeeze as much range and torque out as one can.

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What if you don’t need to go very far, but having actual longboard wheels is more important?

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Very weird product, especially when Linky exist for couple of years.

Also the closeups of the mechanics of the separation seem sketchy…

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Seems to be distinct enough to me, bigger battery, dual hub motors over single belt motor, and looks like a longer deck though could be wrong on that last part since don’t have dimensions on either.

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They keep cutting while assembling it. Looks like it takes a fair bit of time to assemble and take apart.

Agree. Overpriced and better options available already. The video also doesn’t show the most critical aspect of the whole thing - how it breaks down. If this takes more than 30 seconds, forget about it.

There are folding skateboard decks on the market right now. You could get one of those and slap a revel kit on it. Flight safe board for under $1000.