Transition | Jet Spud | 10s3p | Single SK3 6374 | FocBox | 3d Printed Enclosure

Hey guys

It’s finally time to share my first (classic) build. It replaces my 3d printed/carbon tubes one with more subtle wooden deck and classic construction, hence the transition.
The goal is to have it as my daily cruiser, ~6mi daily. The previous one did this job perfectly, but the battery is almost dead and it began to act on me…

The list:
Jet spud deck from @Mikenopolis
3p groups 30Q X10 from @thisguyhere
Motor mount from @Boardnamics
40t pulley from @dickyho
SK3 6374 motor from my previous build
Focbox from the previous cruiser
Calibers and Popocas
Mini remote

The build is straightforward, except the enclosure which I designed and 3d printed.

The final “tucking in” of the focbox and closing the enclosure was a difficult task, I had to really fiddle around and find room for all the cabling. If I’ll do it next time I’ll have the enclosure deeper by 5mm, which will make the whole thing easier.

The thing is 7.5kg which is acceptable, I think it’s 0.5kg heavier than the previous one, but still manageable and totally “mall grab” efficient.

I’m really happy with the outcome, differences from the previous one:

  1. The transition to “real” urethane wheels is amazing (from clone abecs). Same route but no more noise from the pavements.
  2. This deck has more aggressive “bath” shape and it’s wider, the carving has more authority, need to get used to it.
  3. The wobbling is larger, for the same bushings and kingpin tightening. Will see how it will handle harder bushings.

2 things to improve:

  1. After using Fishhook for months, the mini feels awkward in the hand, and I realized I don’t like trigger control. This one will get Fishhook v2 soon!
  2. The enclosure snapped right at one of the lines where I glued the pieces. I suspect that the deck does have a slight flex to it, and the enclosure is designed stiff.

I’m leaving it as is for now (with duck tape around the snap), just because I want to see how it handles vibrations around the bolts on the long run. It’s printed out of PLA and I just want to see how it holds, for science of course.
Meanwhile designing a new one.

And this is the retired one (gave it’s focbox for the new generation)


Hehe first… Amazing job! :smiley:

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Great build! Simple and effective

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Nice build, I like the enclosure, what is the width of your trucks?

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These are standard calibers, so 10"

Nice one. I’ve been keeping an eye on your SPUD/enclosure posts.

I also have a SPUD that I want to 3d print and enclosure for and use for my work commute. My Trunc-Tesseract is not mall-grabbable.

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How is a single sk3 handled? Can you start without giving a push?

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Yes you can, stutters slight.
I didn’t feel underpowered at all, except when tightly carving.

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