Trampa wheels on Boardnamics 270 Hangers

Also, what screen is that? Do you have a link? :grimacing:

Shoulder bolts are just a different way to do axles, I personally am not a big fan but it lets you do custom length stuff depending on the bolt you buy

Since I am running Rockstar IIs on BN270 hangars I need 43mm of exposed axles so the easiest thing is an 80mm bolt (hole runs deeper than I expected) and then I’m all good to go


Thats a DAVEGA made by @janpom, you can check out more info here DAVEGA X: Gauging interest

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Hmmm, so I’m guessing if I’m doing BN270 with rockstar 2 hubs I’ll probably need to buy the same thing?

Did you get at a hardware store?

McMaster-Carr has them among others, here is a link to the 10mm M8 shoulder bolts.

These are the specific 80mm ones:

Many other vendors probably have these too, you’re looking for 10mm shoulder bolts with M8 thread on the end. 16100-2RS bearings (28mm OD * 10mm ID * 8mm width) for the wheels as stated by @ZachTetra


Just ordered some, thank you!

Noob question though… does it just tighten all the way down to the bearing? I’m guessing you don’t use a nut like standard axles have.

This is my source of choice too, btw if anyone wants longish m4 or m5 hardware let me know, or any other type of McMaster Carr products and I can distribute them to you! US only

You need to compress the bearings to tension the bolt, if you have the wrong one or no spacers it will fall out


The shoulder bolt should tighten all the way down, I recommend at least a spacer ring between the hanger and the first bearing and the outside bearing and bolt face. After that its just adjusting so you have tension on the threads but you aren’t crushing the bearings.

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Perfect, thanks guys!!

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I’m using the BN 270’s with Superstars and center set bearing spacers, they work just fine. The bearing rests against the 10mm part of the stepped axel, works like a speed ring.


Shit, Trampa told me to order the offset spacer. We’ll see how that works out, thanks for the input regardless :grin:

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This one is a more recent thread: DAVEGA X Updates

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@computers @ZachTetra @Boardnamics

Wheels came in today, I ended up going with the offset spacer and those work perfectly!


has anyone used the 270 with metro wheels?

I have Urban treads on 270s

with metro wheels?

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You would need to use the surf rods shoulder bolts I think

thank you, i will look into that. would it be 80 or 90mm

Those hubs are like 35mm bearing to bearing. BD’s axles have 40mm of 8mm thread :thinking:

OR you could run a 638 bearing on the outside half of the hub and a 16100 on the inside. Did something like that on some evolve trucks that have itty bitty axles.

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