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Trampa vesc 6+ for trampa mk III-v plus cash or spintend ubox (eu/U.K.)

So got a trampa vesc and trampa vesc 6+ however I want the newer ones in order to get the switch and roll to start function

If someone wants to trade and I will add some money on my side then please pm me

Thanks a lot

Mine are heavily used but work nonetheless

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Could also take a spintend ubox if someone has one no remote required
That would be a straight trade so no cash on either side
I believe that is reasonably fair

Why do you want to trade your spintend?

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no i want a spintend vesc for the trampa vescs

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Ah sorry I read that wrong, my bad :see_no_evil:

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thats fine
i just need some matching vescs with either power switch or roll to start function

also gonna add here if someone has a spintend vesc they want to sell just pm me
thanks a lot

@xsynatic we done

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