Trampa sgd mountainboard

16 ply
9” megastars on the rear primo alpha
8” megastars on the front (grippy thread?)
185kv motors
Tattu gen 10ah batteries (2cycles only)
Trampa wand
Vesc 6 mk5 x2

Doesn’t come with charger (i need it for my other boards)

Has marks on the gear housing guards, (I tried 6” wheels :joy:)

£1500 collected from Birmingham

Bull bar has been removed otherwise looks exactly like it does in the pics


That thing looks prestine…Any special reason for selling?..

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Too many boards, I have 2 Trampa’s and a diy mountainboard and my family ain’t interested in them like I am, I’ll probably sell them all soon tbh


really good price

what is the drives? trampa spur gear?

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Yes, this is the spur gear drive version

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You can delete this text if you don’t use it btw.


Nice price !