Trampa Open Drive with TB 6380 - motor shaft too short

Hi Forum,

I am about to assemble a Prototipo with Trampa Open Belt System and my TB 6380 Motors.
looks like my shaft is almost a cm too short.
The shaft sticks 35mm out of the motor can though while Trampa’s motors are 38.5. I would have thought the difference is not so much but If i want to align the pulley with the belt tension wheel then it’s 1cm missing.
Seems all assembled correct though. Do I need to replace the shaft?

Grateful for any input. Thanks



Get a keyed pulley with a set screw in the middle


Flip your pulley so that the teeth are the furthest part from the motor. That should buy you some mm’s


thanks, that would kinda work, just hope the thing doesn’t fall off or gets deformed from the belt force. I suppose will be steel pulley only as the shaft is only to thirds though.

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I would do this, too. I hate collared pulleys for this reason.


I’ve gotten away with worse.

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I hate collared pulleys for this reason

…also called overhang