Trampa monster box xt90 switch substitute

Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone has tried to use a different switch system on the @trampa that what’s already in there.

If you don’t already know here is the switch for each VESC on the trampa monster box

The cables got stripped and one of them broke a. couple of times I crashed. Due to this I was stranded in a forest and had to run home to get a replacement. It was stressful. I believe these were originally intended so that when you crash or have a problem you can reach down and tug these off but the new wand remote and it’s safety features removes this need.

I’ve been thinking of creating a circuit so that I can use a single switch rather than have these two cables protrude out of the board.

I could use some help if any of you guys have tried this before or can point me to some ideas floating out there.