TRAMPA IR Twin Main Pin Skid Plate Truck

Official Why haven’t you uploaded photos and videos yet?
What do you all think of the IR Twin Pin Slider?

Basically a different version of the Apex Air’s

Who knows why they aren’t officially posted properly yet

I don’t know if this is the right category for this discussion or not but we are missing a key component that the Air’s have - that is, testing. We know that the Airs went through a vigorous testing process over a year?, following with a final revision to make them better.

Yet here these trucks pop up with no mention of testing, where they came up with the idea or anything. Feels weird




I thought it was at least over one year, feel free to correct me, I know you helped them with some of the design

I also won’t just wave them off as a copy. The asymmetrical hanger design probably allows for adjustable ride height like their other hangers. Its not just a xeroxed product


Oh, so that’s it! Thank you.
Which one is Apex Air, do you have a link?

This is technically where the airs are available - they are quite pricey

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Airs wernt though a few different testing rounds starting with small internal testing folowed by some wider testing with our group of test riders. This happened over probably 6 months before launch.

I personally have been on some version of the airs for over a year now.

I expect the reason for no full launch of the trampa IR is that the website and social leaks were a little premature and they still haven’t done huge amounts of testing yet.


I think that theyre a dick move, specifically coming from trampa, the “dont copy us” assholes that they are.
But, i am excited about the fact that this will probably lead to more variety of the floating hanger truck. I dont like narrow trucks, but for the sheer sake of expanding our available menu, id like to see narrow pkp’s, skate angled pkp’s, etc.


I’m not against taking ideas and using them to do your own thing. There are ESC cases that are coming from other vendors that copy ideas we bought to market with our ESC case and thats cool with me JUST DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN WE GET INSPIRED BY YOU TOO. That’s all I’m gonna say on the matter. We either respect each others shit or we don’t, there is no middle ground.


More beta testing from them - I fell for that shit with vesc wand, never again.

Tested properly before release my arse lol


Yeah the wand started off so promising and ended up being a proper turd. Shame really.


Yes i agree wholeheartedly. I will not be buying anything from trampa, never have, and definitely wont now that ive seen what kind of people they are.
But, despite it being them, and how it feels like a direct response to the “clone” wheels they complained about apex(which i believe youre involved in?) selling, i do love to see progression, and i like to think that their name being on it will spread the pkp framework. I personally own one air truck, and wish that it had 8mm axels. Probably going to order some 10mm axels for mine from moon in the future, but i think this is a step towards it becoming another style of truck that many brands offer their takes on, like rkp and dkp. Which would benefit everyone.
Trampas still a bunch of assholes for this though. If you are part of apex like i think, file some patents in a few big market countries and fuck with their sales.


i lowkey likes the ergonomics, or sorta lackthereof

i may make one “based off” (heaven forbid copy tramps ) the wand or at least have a similar vibe

among some other designs i wanna mess with and all that :wink:


So what you’re saying is you want to make glock-mote v2?

Lol hope you don’t live in Chicago

Likely not “image


I also liked the ergonomics as well, I actually liked the remot but after 3 throttle breakages I gave up whilst desoldering the pot for the 3rd time. I was like what the fuck am I doing here? I have a VX1 that’s been sound for a year why don’t I go back to that. That VX1 soldiered on for another year, surviving many crashes. I now have a new VX1, but it’s gonna be replaced by the OSRR on one board and the new BKB Voyager on another board.




New remote from BKB (it’s in beta)


Google just told me that too haha, does he have his beta users selected yet?

I feel like he hasn’t been on here in ages

The profile reminds me of nunchuk remotes or the Photon


He was taking applications for a 50% reduction in the costs but I think it’s full, might be worth shouting Jared

He’s a busy man and there’s a lot of bullshit on here 🤷