Trampa infinity trucks, Spring+dampa or Barrel for 75kg rider?

Hi there, what is your recommendation for dampers on my ride. I originally had the Green dampa, found them wayyy too stiff. Turning radius like a truck.
So removed the dampas and loosened the spring as much as i could. Still Not happy with the turn radius, but wayyy better already. But now i have wobbles at higher speeds, Not pleasant.

What dampa would you recommend? Or use Barrels instead? 75kg rider weight.

Here is a picture of the current setup

I have the same weight and was using the yellow dampas before. Radius was fine but I had high speed wobbles and instability while braking and accelerating. The Barrels solved that for me, they are super stable (up to 45kmh at least, didn’t go any faster) and feel great when turning.

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Given the price of spring trucks and elastomere dampas, have you considered just buying MBS trucks?

Thank @Benjo, where did you get the Barrels? Straight from trampa or etoxx? Just wondering what the Best options are. Am in germany if that makes a difference.

From Trampa. As far as I know etoxx had the very same elastomer dampers (same factory even) but discontinued it because Trampa sells them a lot cheaper.

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I am Not considering switching trucks for now, still hoping this can be fixed with Different damping

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Thx @Benjo, will Check them out


I have orange dampas in the front and yellow in the back. Stable until 45-50km/h

On a kart track I have only orange in the back and nothing in the front.


You can also try switching the spring positions to the inner holes if you have them, most people just do that for the front, but I’m a bit lighter side and find it better with barrels front and back in the inner holes…

Thx, my trucks only have one hole on each side unfortunately