Trampa HS11 | Focbox Unity | FS 6384 190KV | 12s8p

Hey guys,

I am building my own diy after haven ridden evolve boards for quite a while. I just loved the looks of the trampa street carvers but I wanted the option to go off road as well so I chose the Mountain Board deck.

I have ordered the following parts.
6380 190kv flipsky motors (received)
Flipsky VX1 remote (received)
Focbox Unity (received)
12S D140 BesTech bms (received)
Trampa 35* HS11 16ply (received)
Vertigo Trucks (received)
Motor mount from @IDEA 15T/60T (ordered)
B&W Type 1000 top mounted case



You could get an @idea belt drive kit with custom pulleys and extra belts for the 110’s:

I have no idea about the wand and unity compatibility.

What cells do you want to use? 12s4p might result in too much voltage sag, especially for a MTB, and trust me you will want a lot of range once you have driven it for the first time. :slight_smile:
A suggestion would be to get at least a 12s6p (samsung 30Q or VTC6 cells). Get a charge only bms if you want to keep it simple and affordable and imo safer. The bestech D140 12s bms works great.

Hope this helps a bit

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Thanks for your input !
I spoke to idea before (Bought his evolve mounts) but going that way with the pullys are just as expense as going with trampa so im not sure…
I was thinking of getting the Samsung Q30 since most builders seems to bee using them. I would like to build for foolproofness. I would want a laptop style carging port and use the switch that came with the Unity. What type of bms would be best ?

I don’t think there are any gear drives for MTB trucks that will fit 110s unfortunately, only 125mm gummies. You will probably need to use a belt system for 110s and pneumatics or have two separate drive systems.


Yeah I figued… Pretty sure its going to be belts now

Also not sure how you will do on clearance with a bottom mount with 110s, pretty sure not very good especially with turning. I am not able to turn well on curved slopes cus I will bottom out with 125mm and corners of board with hit the ground, though may be bc of flex. But 110s may need risers. Not sure if 110s will fit on axle, need to check in comparison with which trucks your are getting.

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Hey hey!
I would recommend the tb 6380, they are truly the best.
I am literally doing the same build as you haha.
I am in the same situation, I had an evolve to (as you know :smirk:) and i really like the evolve style remote. I really want the wand as well but i read somewhere as well that it is incompatible with the unity. @Venom121212 do you know?
If not i would go for either the maytech, Hoyt midnight+davega, or even an osrr (if @DerelictRobot has the time)
I will get a Davega in any case though.

i was planning to go with the diebms from @samau18 and @JTAG from the other forum.
I mean any bms will work even a 20 euro one from ebay. I prefer to see my cells V so that i can moniteur them and hopefully extend the life of the pack.

If you want speed then sure the 12 will give you a bit more and more range, but 10s5p will give you that extra punch, it all depends what cell you choose, there are so many to look at. here are some i was looking at. The prices of course vary and 30q is best overall.
Samsung 50e
Sanyo NCR2070C 20700
Samsung 40t
Samsung 35e
all the cells with less than 15A need more P because you loose the power. like a 35e pack may need a 10s7p to get the real benefit. Others will comment their opinions as i am still learning on batteries too.

Just get a moon drive, totally worth it. if you want thane just use trampa gummies, and if you don’t like them then haggy bergs are 147mm and that is really best of both worlds.


Correct, no Wand implementation that I’ve heard of yet


Hi, what are the dimensions of that enclosure?

Not sure :thinking: you should ask (

As I have gathered most parts, Just waiting on the mount/pully’s and wheels.
I was wondering if you could help me with what type of cables/nickel I need to use for the battery pack. The pack constant discharge should be 120amps acording to the esk8calculator so i would need to use 12awh wire at least right? I’m planning on using this diagram i found on this forum with eboardsperu 12s8p battery layout.


Decided to go with a top mounted B&W Type 1000 case. Would somone be as kind to see if this diagram makes sense ?

Wise choice.
Your diagram is, erm, unconventional but as far as I can tell it looks ok.

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Hahah how so ? or what would u do diffrent

I would design (as in draw) it differently that is all.

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Some updates
Build the trucks/mounts/battery box
Build the battery but I managed the wire the bms wrong and it went op in smoke as soon as I put the charger in…

Pretty sure i messed the balance wires up… I did not use the B- wire and I am pretty sure I did the wires the wrong way around :poop:

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The battery still works as i did manage to run the focbox setup…


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I actually did completed the board+… But since I live in holland this board was just to big and drew too much attention in the end and I couldn’t enjoy it as much as a normal eboard.


Sorry to revive an old thread but do you know if there’s any compatibility between the wand and the unity now?