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Trampa Carver | 12S4P | FlipSky Dual | H6355 160KV

Hi, my name is Andreas and i am from Austria.
This is my first build, started at spring this year.

At the beginning of this year i thought about buying a Evolve Board.
After some time i started to read in the ESK8 forum.
There i stumbled across “The Predator” build from @Eboosted.
At that point i knew “I need this shit!”
So yeah, here we are!


  • Trampa Solid Carver Deck
  • Trampa Mini Vertigo Trucks
  • Trampa Superstar Gummies Wheels
  • Trampa Motormount Pulley 44 Tooth
  • FlipSky Motor H6355 160KV
  • FlipSky Remote VX1
  • FlipSky Dual FSESC6.6 Plus
  • FlipSky Bluetooth Module
  • Bestech High Discharge BMS 12S80A
  • Samsung INR18650-30Q
  • Larcele Switch Waterproof
  • LED Driver LDD-1500HW
  • LED Front High Current

Lets begin. I have done some DIY stuff the last few years,
but after moving to a my new apartment i knew i need something like a workshop.
So there we start.

If someone asks himself why the hell it took so long to finish this build…
The biggest problem was ordering everything.
This realy was wearing me down…
The enclosur is from @Eboosted. Thx again for it!
The parts from @Trampa are fine, as expected and arrived quickly.
The parts from Flipsky took some time, but thats fine, China is far away.
One big problem, was waiting for parts from
This also was my fault. After about two month, i still got nothing.
While sending some messages and e-mails i recognized,one item was not in stock.
At this point i split the order to several other shops.
And then it took me about two month to get nickel stripes.
AliExpress, Bangood, Ebay… Mostly poor quality. Man i was unlucky with this stuff…

I thought about mounting the enclosure using furniture screws,
but i changed my mind to countersunk head screws.

I love sleeving cables.
So i thought about disassemble the Flipsky motor.
Stupid idea. I damaged the screws, then the motor.
Again waiting for a replacment… God damn it…

Asembling board and mounting the motor.

Then this happend…

It was not possible to tighten the belt.
After a conversation with Dave from Trampa, he send me two new belts (Thx Dave!).
The delay was not mentionable. The support was excellent.

Starting building the battery and electronics.
As welder i used the DIY from malectrics.

I used black silicon to seal everything.
Also i thought about lights.
I do not like the idea to mount them everytime and recharging it after use.
So i bought a DC/DC converter and a bicycle light.

I had to remove some silicon and used a pluggable cable for the light.
If there is the need to remove the enclosure or turn the trucks, it would not be that big of a deal.

New switch for the light and replaced the small power button.

From a friend i borrowed a Creality 3D printer.
I also bought the new Prusa Mini, but it will take some more month for delivery.

I destroyed several of my DC-DC converter.
At some point i finally got some information about my problem.
Adjustable DC-DC converter have problems with high voltage difference and high ampere output.
So i changed it to an DC-DC Constant Current Step-Down LED driver.

At last i bought a new mounting panel and changed from street carver to urban carver.

I had to go through many threads and guids, but finally it got to an end.

Thanks and greetings to the esk community.


Welcome! You did a really nice job for first build! Better than some people’s 3rd or 4th builds! Well done!


This so well done for a first build. I’m impressed that you got so much into that enclosure! Also the series wires is just beautiful. Goes to show that with enough reading you can achieve anything. full props my dude.


Beautiful cable management u did there👌.

Why not use black screws? It would blend in a bit more.
Maybe u like the grey accent.

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A build to be proud of :slight_smile: well done dude!


Sick build man you’ve got a lot of attention to detail!

How does it perform? Are you enjoying it?


Really awesome build all around. Love the problem solving, and its very clear that you did your research and followed through on everything.
After all that work, whaddya think? How does it ride and do you enjoy it?
Welcome to the esk8 community!


What a great first build. Such tidy work and attention to detail.

I’m sure this will be a reliable board for a long time to come. Welcome to the community. Where are you based?


To be honest, i never thought about black screws and the idea isn’t that bad either!
But you are correct, i love the grey accent.
Becaus of this reason i took silver springs and the black rims.

Because of rainy days and lack of safety equipment, i only could test the real basics so far.

As i mentioned in the building thread, i switched the trucks from street to carver.
I thought the steering was a little bit hard.
Also Alan Chau pointed this out in his building thread.
Probably i have to change the spring position too.

At an unknown speed i thought the board started to wobbel.
But again i have to say, i need equipment for better testing.

Moreover i have only done the real basic setup in the vesc so far.
I probalby also will have to tune that.

One of the biggests problems at the moment is: Snow is coming!



I am new in this forum, so is it possible to reply to two comments at once?
Because i wrote the current situation in the reply to ShutterShock :slight_smile:

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You can just Tag the person in the same post!

I am based in Austria, to be more accurate in the marked town Wolfurt.

I am realy happy about the overall positiv feedback!
At some point while buiding, i thought about just deleting everyting.
I felt like it was not worth posting it.
But now i have to say it was a good thing to share the build.


glad you decided to post, this is the sort of first build many here should aspire to.

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Having a hard time deciding whether your workshop or build is the most beautiful :joy: awesome job on both for sure!

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real impressive for a first build, i’m sure you’ll have a great time riding it.

question - i’m still unclear why a LED driver (Meanwell LDD-1500HW) is necessary.

i got some because i was told the LED driver would drop down high voltage down to LED voltage, but it doesn’t seem to do that. i know you can dim via pwm signal, but that seems impractical for esk8…

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First of all, i am no professional engineer or whatsoever,
so i will only tell what i know or how i grasp the subject.

It is exaclty as you mentioned: It drops down the high voltage to the LED voltage.
The LDD-1500HW has an input voltage range of 09V - 52V,
an output voltage range of 02V - 46V and an limit current of 1500mA.
You can read the forward voltage and forward current in the specific LED datasheet.
In my case i measured the current of the dissassembled light.
The LDD-1500HW holds the current at 1500mA.

What LED do you use?

I need some help.
I use the Trampa Mini Vertigo Trucks.
The Trucks are mounted in Urban Position.
Removed the Dumpas, moved the springs to outside position an tighted the springs.
I cant get faster then 30km/h because of speed wobbles.
When i move my body weight to the front position, it is getting better but still far from stable.
Next i will try to get some video feed if necessary.
Any idea to fix this issue?

The reason:

Springs only lead to wobbles :man_shrugging:

What’s your weight and which ply is the deck? I’m curious why the inner spring position with yellow dampas is not carvy enough for you.