Trampa carve boards

What do you guys think of the trampa carve boards? Dont see to many people rocking them. Is the battery box on the back a bad design compared to just a normle trampa with urban tires? Are the battery boxes not big enough? What are your thoughts?


its the ugliest “production” board in existence.


I think it looks kinda cool but to each his own


real talk, I’d imagine that much weight on the rear can cause some instability unless harder dampas are used.


SOOO awkward. They literally should go directly from the factory to the Shitty DIY thread.


There are plenty of under-tray options available for those boards, I would do that over the awkward box in the back :face_vomiting:


True, the box seems like it would make maintenence and sawping part easier though.

I like my board. It’s a little short and narrow imo but I fixed the latter with “wings”; the Etoxx aluminum trampa deck extensions. I’ve got my batt in the middle.

I just love bouncing around.


you should post a pic : )

It’s a mix of Trampa and MBS parts.


Planning to do the same with my Trampa Carver deck. I got those Sabre Dynamic wings.

BTW, we’re talking about these:

Some say this was the inspiration:



Fuckin’ dead :joy::joy:

Also I need to point out that nobody that enjoys their ankles should be using Gummies. I seriously don’t know how they sell those for actual dollars and sleep at night.


Lol trampa gummies are ok but for high speed they start to expand and they get wider the trampa carve should have the box in the middle or underneath

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Personally a fan of the board, I use undertray tho. Looks so much better

Carver is abit narrow imo but HS11 and alike are noice.


Tbh i like when the battery is on top of the board so i can that ground clearance. I love to be able to get down from curbs without worrying about my battery


The problem is the battery is on the rear with the esc, not in the middle. This makes a massive forehead sized box on the rear.

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I totally get the point, but i would like to give it a try at some point. Im getting a board with the battery in the middle and straps for the feet.
Could be interesting to try thid concept but in carve board style :smile:

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That is one of the key ideas. The carve board wants to be simple and avoid any complications while being worry free to ride since the battery is out of the way from impacts. We know that some builders put style before usability. The carver is not in that direction. Wiring is short and simple, no impacts from the underside to worry about, full deck flex, easy to fix and maintain…


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@Trampa How does the weight distribution affect handling?
Do you do anything special to compensate?
It’s always looked very practical, but the weight distribution worries me.
Perhaps I could build one with a box on the front and back.

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