Trampa build fire (be wary of flashsales)


Fuuuuuuuck. Any idea what happened?


Fuck man that sucks so much. What caused so much destruction?


Ohhhh nooooo!!!


Damn that sucks man, I forget, is this the one with or without the antispark?


Damn that sucks

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No idea how it’s possible. I plugged in my loopkey to try and drain my unbalanced cells. Immediately got a fire started at the opposite end where the charger cable is soldered to the pack. I checked multiple times to make sure all wires were following the right polarities. It just happened out of the blue…the worst part in this is that everything is destroyed inside the case…everything except the fucking battery pack…now that I put everything penny i had into this, I’m royally fucked. Guess my turn to shine won’t come soon

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Sounds like two things that weren’t at the same ground potential touched and short circuited.

Did the fire originate in the ESC?

Was loopkey you plugged in just a standard loopkey across the positive wire?

(Man I am really regretting not picking up extra 6.6s from the fourth of July sale, could’ve sent those to you X_X)


I have an extra bt module and some extra things here and there that I would be more than happy to send your way. No need to die just yet. Shit if my unity comes this month i may have an esc for you as well (not 6.6 tho)


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That would be great actually. I’d only need to figure out if my battery truly survived its own massacre and find a new dual esc

This sucks man. You can still use half the vesc for something. Electric bike or something. Everything else should be fine, even though hey have black smoke deposit all over.

Many pieces dropped off it. Not sure I’d trust plugging a power source into it

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It was over the fire

The ESC is dead I’m sorry to say. The other half can provide donor parts.

“Put everything in one place” he told himself…
“You’ll save on space, money, and it’ll look even cleaner”…
“What’s the worst that could happen? Need to add more venting?”…
"Its simpler if I just show you :slight_smile: " the battery replied


That sucks side. Figure out what you need and I’ll dig through my parts, maybe I have some things that’ll help.


Greatly appreciate all the love
@mmaner Not sure battery wise. Other than that, things that are definitely dead:
Flipsky dual6.6
Photon receiver and remote
Bluetooth module
Hall sensor extensions

At least for the battery you can salvage most of the cells, if the pack is new then you can replace the one or two damaged p-packs which shouldn’t be to bad. For the photon remote you should be able to get just a new receiver and pair that, right?

I have these, I’ll mail them it this week. Wheels and pulleys and bearings good?