Trampa Barrels on Kaly ?!?!? Worth it?

Does anyone know if its worth it to upgrade Kaly xl springs to trampa barrels? How carvy or how stable they are? I want to do some upgrades to the board, but idk if there’s much I can upgrade especially that Ernesto has been perfecting it for years. And if you know any cool mods that I can do to the board please share.

Hi, did you ever get an answer on this question? I was also looking to do the same, but couldn’t find the answer either.

Kaly barrels are good. I want to say the barrels all follow the same dimensions.

I’m about 160lbs and I’ll like the soft and firm barrel combo from kaly.

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I use Kaly barrels too, have been for about a year now. V1 didn’t have the screw threads for the spring adjustment, V2 does and I love every bit of them. Dunno if he has made any more changes to them since. I’ll eventually have to order replacement barrels as they do over compress over time.

I use the soft front + stiff back combo as well. I’ve been debating on getting just the urethane of the Trampa barrels and testing a mix but I haven’t really felt the need besides curiosity.

His got 3 now I guess. I’ve seen people testing the one harder than the mediums

Just use the Kaly barrels, I have the red ones on my trampa trucks and they are incredible