Trailer for everything

This is the “trailer” I use to drive my friends around.
It can easily be made out of a handcart (idk how its called, its Bollerwagen in german).
Make sure to use air-filled tires.

To make it have less resistance I changed the tires to some stroller wheels. My father has made them accept bearings some years ago, so they were the best choice. you can also just buy innertubes and replace the foam inside the wheels with inner tubes, so it has less rolling resistance, then you wouldn’t even need to change the wheels.
I also replaced the axle with an m16 threaded rod, held in place by some 3d printed adapters.

It’s pretty easy to make some sort of trailer and you have to try it out, its loads of fun!
You can even throw a few batteries in there and improve your mileage.


Got room for a camera in that trailer?

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Probably. Idk what kind of camera, for a small camera it is overkill. You could probably even put smth like a TV camera in there.

Was joking because I wanted pictures


Somehow I can’t upload them from my laptop so I had to switch over to my phone. Sadly its the only picture I got.

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I love it. All the farms near us have these things and hook them up to the tractors and drive kids around. They’ll have chains of 10 carts long snaking around haha.

I want to make one so bad since @akhlut is busy and can’t make me a wickedly cool bike trailer attachment :cry:


@Sender post pictures of your setup please


No don’t, I’m going to be more jealous.

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That’s kind of one of my stupid dreams, to have an Esk8 train and tow all the neighborhood kids around.

If you want a quick, sturdy bracket for a trailer attachment, a Freebord bindings metal baseplate attached with your truck bolts is a winner. @akhlut’s is way cooler, but in a pinch…


Oooh that’s a good idea. I’m glad we’re not neighbors who have to fight to be the coolest dad in the neighborhood. It would get costly haha.


Umm, you mean costlier. It’s already costly enough competing with myself. :rofl:
I’m pretty sure one of us would get our asses divorced in the process of spending everything we have to one up each other…who am I kidding, both of us would get ourselves divorced, and then we’d have to move into a cheap, shitty apartment together to save money for…more Esk8. :roll_eyes:


This is sounding better than it was intended I think :thinking:


esk8 rikscha-service incoming :joy:

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Would that trailer peg work better or worse mounted from the top down do ya think?

Maybe more ground clearance?

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This is a v1. Obviously that would be optimal, but needs a stop to do that. The spring drives it down if flipped without a stop.