Traditional legacy longboard skate dimensions

Anything non esk8 specific you want to know what the dimensions are.

Stuff I want here are truck mounting, bushing sizes, spacer sizes, axle and kingpin hardware. Maybe uhh … Common deck ply and widths/lengths I guess.

Bearings, wheels, spacers

Skateboard wheel dimensions: 22mm OD, 24mm depth

Standard skatebaord spacer size: 8.2mm ID, 10mm OD, 10.2mm length

Standard skatebaord bearing size: 22mm OD, 8mm ID, 7mm width

10mm 6900 bearings: 22mm OD, 10mm ID, 6mm width

Mount patterns



Aha caught you with the classic blunder.
Oh wait I see your pic is different.

.400" is the actual spacer width I learned.

Skateboard wheels being .300

speed washers may actually be 1mm thick.

They sell 7mm wide ones actually.


The dimensions of the caliber truck hanger would be good to have here. Also all the dimensions to design a caliber base compatible truck as well.

Couple of interesting differences in a couple of various 180mm RKP trucks.




They are great bearings. I can only get 6mm wide ones here. Next time i get something from the states i should get some of those fast eddys chucked in with it


I pulled some dimensions from this model:

Pivot cup area

Bushing seat area:

Rest of the important dimensions

PS: I don’t know for sure if this model has the correct dimensions.


Besides GoodRoads on YT, are there any other good free resources out there for developing longboard deck geometries? Things like cambers and concaves and W’s and I guess also drops

I use the Randal truck pattern, which I think is the more common one.

Randal truck template

Its a huge pain, I think it came about from differences in rounding to/from imperial and metric.

Sk8cad is for sure really good.

Currently its most useful if you’re going for a normal popsicle style shape, or a variant off of it.

There’s the Nelson turning radius calculator.

This will be more to get the wheelbase or wedging/dewedging you want.

I talk a lot about design on my YT channel as well, but I can’t think of anything specific I’ve done about camber/concave/drop.


Hmm wait that equals only 10.16mm

Ok I’m confused, I guess it’s rounded in that pic.

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This is super cool, unfortunately it doesn’t have support for split angle setups. Helped me tune my LY Hatchet though.

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Kegel and ABEC core dimensions/models to design wheels or anything to attach to said standard cores. Sigh, both legit and clone abec prob needed.

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