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Trade 6374 150kV for 190kV?

As the title says anyone wanna tradesssss 2 motors??

I have a few 6374 150kV maytech (labeled as bioboards) motors. Want more kVssss plz 8mm shaft (not sure if they make 10 for this size)

Prefer maytech but not too picky.

I can add more pics if needed as soon as I can.


EDIT: they have approx 120 mi on them.


I think I can do that, I’ve got some Haggy 6374 motors that are supposedly 190kv

Edit: when I ran them in FOC mode and divided the VESC TOOL ERPM reading by 7 * voltage they are 151 and 153 kv but supposedly that’s not accurate? Haggy doesn’t make 150kv motors so I can’t imagine how they would actually be 150kv


Supposedly is good enough for me.

Yeaaaa I am not too sure. Idk if anyone knows more on haggy motors @haggyboard.timo @haggyboard.jeff any insight??

I have x4 6354 180kv… not sure if that works for you

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@ZachTetra: hi there. I doubt that our motors have an actual kv rating of 150kv…we only have 190 and 170kv rated motors.
could you do me a favour and show me the picture of the motor that you rated at 150kv with the vesc tool?



I have 190kv 6365’s from Maytech, don’t know of that will do

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I have 3 Flipsky 6354 190Kv motors. 1 with 0 miles, the other 2 have less than 10 miles on them. In case you’re interested.

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@Sebas @Nextgin unfortunately I would need them to be 6374 to work with my current setup.

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