Traction control

This is a silly question, but I not sure why when I enabled traction control using the setup Wizard only one of my motor has traction control enabled and the other doesn’t?

Should not both motors has traction control enable, or it is only needed on the primary side.
I’m using Go-Foc DV6 ESC.

Primary motor

Secondary motor

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You have to always set settings on both vescs. This isn’t true for APP settings though.


I always thought having the multiple vescs over can enabled caused it to write to both sides but haven’t found that to be true either.


Traction control needs to be activated on the side holding the remote receiver. Only works over canbus, not split ppm.
One good way to check is by holding one wheel and gently accelerating. The other wheel(s) will spin at the max erpm difference, which is 3000erpm by default


Gotta admit… I saw the title “Traction Control” and assumed @DEEIF had renamed “Air Control”.

Carry on @Venom121212 , nothing to see here…


Thx for the tip @Athrx !
I learn something every day… I learn many things from this fine community. :blush:


Air Control is going to be running tomorrow! Will be in my Monday updates that somehow turned into Tuesday update…

Traction control is a dope name if I ever build a quad Pnuematic board :open_mouth:


If u ever into efoil, sea control is the name as the standard


What value are you guys using for the max erpm difference? I´m running on T2 9" and wondering what would be a good starting point.

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Just leave the default honestly.
Main purpose is to keep traction when braking and to not fling mud at you when one wheel loses traction in thick mud.
Only reason you’d decrease it is if you want more power to the inside wheel when cornering, but that’s a difference of under 500erpm which would need 1000erpm to apply 50% less power to the outside wheel. Default works just fine, won’t spin out if a wheel lifts a bit