Touchy throttle

So I have a 6374 single motor and when I just barley touch the throttle it is spinning up to like full speed real quick. Anyway to make it a gradual increase as throttle increases, at a stand still with someone standing on it, it always feels like the motor is bouncing up and down Bc it wants to spin so fast yet can’t grab the belt hard enough to do so. It’s obviously not bouncing, just feels like it. I don’t currently have a video because I took it apart to switch out some parts but what changes can be made to the VESC to fix this.

The only thing my throttle does is take me to as fast as it goes faster, if I were to barley hold the throttle it’ll still speed up to max speed not like a crawling speed.

Have you changed from the stock throttle curve in the vesc tool?

Also provide some details on your setup:
What Vesc, motor, remote, etc

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Did you do the input detection when doing the VESC setup? What remote are you using? Assuming your did the input setup and its not a remote issue, maybe try a throttle curve?

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I am using diyelectric vesc with the nano 2.4Hz controller

I’m not sure exactly if I changed the curve, I did the motor detection, I did the controller calibration for the 100% throttle/brake and that’s it

If you wanna research throttle curves, this is typically where I start and then adjust up or down to preference.


If you want a walk-through on setup, go look at this.


Sensored BLDC?

are you using a Nano v2 remote? if so you need to calibrate it each time you turn it on then turn on your board. It doesn’t remember it’s PPM settings.

Edit just saw you are. So in more detail: when you want to ride. Make sure your board is turned off. THEN turn on your remote. Push the throttle all the way forward and all the way back one to two times. THEN turn on your board.

Should be it.


more details on this here:

Are you standing on it, or just running it on the bench? This is normal on the bench with a “Current” control mode but under load it will act much differently.



to confirm its not the calibration thing?

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Are you running sensored BLDC? Had you done the sensor detection? It sounds like, the motor want to go, but is stuck in place. Have you the right settings for your motor/battery amps?

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I have correct numbers I believe, 12s4p battery and the vesc both from diyelectric

Check if your belt is tight enough I had the same problem where the belt would not grip as it had to much slack once there is a load for the motor it will spin slower

Also setup the throttle curve to adjust it for your likings

Sounds like failsafe stuff. Calibrate the remote every trip. One of the reasons I absolutely abhor nanos.


credit for a great word please.


Then post some screenshots from your settings.

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