Torqueboards TB110s 78a (black) basically NEW (3x ridden)

[EU-DE] Torqueboards TB110s 78a (black) basically NEW (3x ridden)

Was an endless project to get my hands on (unridden!!), but those beauties gotta go now. Took me a while to accept the fact that where I live roads are not-ideal for those kinda wheels. Thought about keeping them, but feels like a waste, they should be ridden on some perfect (or at least ok-ish) roads. Only ridden three times by me, so basically new. No chunking, no nothing, as usual.

Based in Germany and willing to ship EU-wide. Paid three digits in Euro, and expecting the same now that I am selling. Make me rich boys (and girls, ofcofc). Offers via DM.

Price (Public) is required.


please post a picture of the specific wheels you are selling lol