TorqueBoard Motor Choice

Hello, as I have been trying to build my own trampa MTB, now it’s the time for me to choose motors. I have been advised before to take 6380 motors, but recently a friend of mine told me to take [6355 190KV] motors. Which one should I really take for a 12s4p Sanyo battery?

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My opinion, neither:

6374 lowest KV possible. This is a good bang for your buck size, 6380’s are less commercial (at the moment) and arguably unnecessary in a dual configuration. The 6374 will give you good heat to performance ratio and is widely used and easy to replace parts on.


Yeah probably 6374 with low kv like breternet said

130kv torque freak, and fun (for my Trampa MTB)…149kv good torque and some speed (for my Trampa Hybrid)…SK8 6374 great option for the $… 12s and 5:1 gear ratio, plenty of fun…