Tomiboiesk8 summer promotion | Integrated decks

Hey guys! I hope all is well. I’m doing a summer promotion. 15% off all decks through the end of June! Just use the coupon code SUMMERSK8 at check out. Happy riding!


Nice! Still out of my price range but maybe one day.

Has anyone managed to break one of these?

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none of the fiberglass reinforced ones I would hope, also I feel we would have heard about it!, or as least I hope we would.

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Well same, but I also haven’t heard a ton about them in general either

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@tomiboi you should add a link to your site in this post. You should also change the website link in your profile to your new one.


too expensive to get that many out there!

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True true. I still like the idea of integrated decks and love my hummie but just can’t get past the price, yknow

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I haven’t heard of any breaking yet. I’m sure they will. They’re skateboards. I wish I could make them less expensive, but unfortunately they’re difficult and expensive to make. I’m working on some deck + enclosure designs right now that will be waaaay more affordable, but they’re a few months out still.


I realized that I forgot that right after I submitted it. I’ve been waiting for it to post so that I could make the edit :slightly_smiling_face: