Tiniest 12s bms with balancing

Okay so my enclosure has about 45mm x 105mm of space for a 12s bms.
But it seems like everything for 12s is either larger or doesn’t have a balancing function.

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Would this work?


Yes, it says 13s but if you leave a note that you want the 12s version when placing your order they will send you the 12s version.


I’ve used these ones. 19mm high.


link for that guy?

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I belive it’s this-



yeah I have checked those out before but they are unfortunately still too big. normally I just use the d140 heat shrink it with some thick stuff and stack shit on top of it, but for this build I can’t…

ohh sweet! always thought the smallest version of those were the the 18A version with a size of 50 x 63 x 9.
Have you used those tiny babies before? and if so how have they held up?

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I’ve used them and they work great in my experience.

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If you wait a few hours till I get home I could measure the exact size of a 12s version for you.

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That would be sweet, but if they are anything close to 35mm x 62mm x 12mm that would be small enough for me.
Was Daly the factory you contacted? there seem to be a lot of resellers on Aliexpress and Alibaba
selling the same range of bmses

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If it’s the red one, the connector is jst ph, not xh, which surprised me.

Yeah I think I read that somewhere else to. But splicing some nice silicone wires an hopefully a big glob of hotsnot will do the trick.

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Hello, is it possible to discharge through this? I’ve been looking for something just like this

Yes, I ordered directly from Daly.

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thank you!
you are an angel

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yeah I guess but 15A not going to cut it for a skateboard.

When I look at the spec sheet I see 35A continuous? I don’t pull many amps anyways I’m running dual 4.12 on 6355

I would not bet my life on aliexpress spec sheets.


yeah they have different sizes of the “red waterproof” bmses. keep In mind that it will be the combined amps drawn on both sides.
personally I would be scared of having bms cut off the power while riding so I would want some headroom.
I would look at 50-60 continue amps as a minimum for a discharge medium/low powered board with street wheels. and I would also look for something reliable that has been tried and tested.

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Aww balls

Seems like they have a separate unit for 12s use cases. Or can’t be bothered adjusting the tiniest 15a version.
Seems like the search has to continue… @M.Hboards if you could measure the size of the 12s version you got on hand that would be very helpful✌️

  1. i am interested in the smallest 15A version. (with a size of 35mm x 62mm 9mm) is it possible to have the bms made for a 12s 18650 battery?

Ruby zhang: our BMS size is more than your required one if your batttery is Li-ion 12S with 15A , Daly BMS with size:50629mm for the 12S with 15A.

                  if your battery with 7S - 10S or 13S, our BMS with similar size as your one : 34*59*9.