Timing Belt Calculator Help

Can anyone provide insight on this:

Using this timing belt length calculator I am confused as inputting my options seems to grey out what I want. I am using 36t/15t HTD5 pulleys with a 15mm belt. Center distance is the average from my mount (Boardnamics Caliber II 63mm Motor Mount)

For some reason when entering these inputs it greys out the HTD5 option. I can select is only with a 13 or 17t small pulley. But not 15t?



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Esk8 news calculator can’t do belt size

kk mb then

I honestly never calculated belt size, always measured it after the drive train was assembled.

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This one worked like a charm, thanks guys.

Recently found this


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Fuuuuuuck that calculator.

Another good option is the technobots one on 5mm HTD Timing Pulley Distance Between Centres Calculator (technobotsonline.com)