TIM thermal paste

Let’s discuss if anyone has done this. Practical application, not in a skateboard yet?


every electric has battery cooling

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I think he is asking if anyone of us has DIYed something like this.
As I’m pretty sure none of us have battery cooling.

Because we don’t have space for antisparks, god forbid heatsink and or pumps haha

Easier to use a higher performing cell/more cells in p group than add all this complexity and weight


Nonetheless,. It’s an interesting rabbit hole to Google. Thought you guys would enjoy

Hmm I don’t think I’ve seen batteries hit thermal capacity. Usually it’s the other components that go first.

@moestooge runs fans on escs with an aluminum enclosure that gives some fractional air active cooling To nearby components . I specifically made a top enclosure lid out of aluminum that compresses down on to lipos, maybe acts as a heat sink, Dunno if it helps.

I can’t remember who told me this, but if the outside of your pack is hot, then you are probably pulling too much out of your pack.

Cooling the outside is not the fix either bc the inner mass is still seeing plenty of strain/heat before it even distributes to the outside. It’s like firefighters only working on the visible flames on outside of a building fire and assuming the inside is good if the exterior extinguished.

The posted video tends to support the above statement. Surface thermal regulation is less important than core temps. Also per @Acido, just make a bigger pack.

And how well can you really cool an 18650/21700 tab or anode/cathode? But those li ion pouches that @Fosterqc is wrapped up in, those have tabs you could work with to cool. A gocart sized pack might be worth cooling if you are trying to push it.

Finally, from my extensive (:nerd_face::roll_eyes:) youtube Tesla/EV commentator video research, looks like thermo regulation is (among other factors too) the main reason Tesla Pack’s cycle life exceeds similar evs.


I use it with my commuting board, inside the enclousure I have two heat sinks atached with strong velcro, and bolt on the two Vesc6 with thermal paste to the heat sinks, weather proof. Summer was hot as hell (40 C at the shadow), but never had an issue with over heating Vescs. Running 12s8p 30Qs…Always pushing the board to the limit…no problem at all yet…


If I had enough space inside the skate for all this stuff, I would instead opt for a small air compressor and a Leslie S3L locomotive horn.


The way Tesla wraps the cooling band around the battery cells is so simple and genius at the same time…



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And tow the reservoir tank? Lol

we’re gunna need a bigger boat

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