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Where it all started: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/tie-ad-x1-1st-build-trampa-e-toxx-australia/66415

Hey all, some of you might know me from the builders forum. I haven’t been up to much with my build lately, but starting to plan what’s next in it’s evolution.

I want to make it lighter, more reliable battery wise and easier to charge, while retaining the same mad punch of high C LiPos on the Max6 ESCs.

Current config:


Good to see you here!
You already have a quite light setup.
There not so much things I could imagine to change to get it lighter with same performance :sweat_smile:
I‘m curious what are your plans.
Following this thread for sure!


11.9Kg when I last weighed it with the 2x Turnigy Graphene 6,000mAh 4S batteries.

I also want to make it cleaner looking.

Board looks great. Good to see you here on esk8.news forums, and your level is matched from BF.


What’s your range like on rough terrain with those two lipos?

Not much, it’s basically an 8S 6Ah battery. I would say max 7km fanging it.

That’s really really good.
I had mine down to 13.5kg with belts, dual 6384 and a 12s1p 5Ah pack.
And the only weight saver I thought about would have been to change to smaller motors like dual 6355 and maybe change trucks to Matrix2 instead of the trampa.

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Seems counterintuitive, but bear with me.


Well fuck my tits, that’s a battery.


Got my grubby paws on four of these built as 8S, going to start breaking down and building 5S units this weekend to wire into series and run as 10S for my build.

This way I can balance the packs initially with my B6AC chargers as 5S units, then just use them from there on with a laptop style charger charging the whole 10S.


Beasts :laughing:

Are you sure your hands arent just really small?


Funny, but those cells are Headway 40152S, so 40mm diameter and including the screw terminals 165mm length.

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So confirmation from HW about the Max6 ESC input voltage!

8s lipo is the maximum input voltage.

An 8s regular charged to 4.2 volts, is 33.6 volts.

An 8s HV Charged to 4.35 volts is 34.8 volts

I’ll take that as: Yes, you can run 10s LiFePO4.

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Thors are big cells :sweat_smile:
How you plan to mount them on the board?

By the way, great that you add some info about the MAX 6 esc here. Not so much people using those anymore, but there still people searching for information. So good to have something written up here as well :ok_hand:


I run Max6, because I’m insensortive. Really though, I run it because I was inspired by the @NoWind pre-VESC builds.

Mounting of the cells and other components, you’ll have to wait and see. I’m thinking you might like it for many reasons.


Also did this minor mod last night while tinkering with and surface cleaning my board. I’ll be building over the next week or so because it’s going to be miserable down here in wintery, rainy Melbourne. Plus, I’m not at Level 20 Mage waterproofing like @b264 yet.


This. This intrigues me… your doing some next level building. TSA wont like this though lol


That’s just what I’m breaking down to get to the cells. I’ve got four of those, which will turn into one 10s at first, and another maybe two to add on, so I can round robin and always have charged packs, or parallel them for longer range. Plus, 10s1p is going to be 540Wh, so TSA will definitely not like that, never mind going to 10s2p or more.

Playing around with my loop key at work, I decided to open it up and check the solder joints, only to find this.

Now I’m wondering if this is why I felt the sudden power loss last time when I thought the batteries were stuffed.

I’m going to have to find a better way of doing loop keys.