Thread lock for POM (Moon Drives)

Hi guys,

Is there anything I can use to stop the bolts holding the wheel housing plate coming loose from my old Moon Drive POM gears?

Was thinking of using some type of thread lock but don’t want to destroy the plastic of the drives. Haven’t been on the board for a while until this week and it seems the bolts have become loose, and rather than buy a new set of gear drives (Apex or Newbee), was wondering if there are any other options available to solve the issue.


Loctite 425 is the one they recommend for most plastics. Rumor has it that it’s just their own brand of super glue though (cyanoacrylate glue).

I used gorilla glue thin superglue on mine after they backed out and chewed up a gear. Every time I’ve cleaned them or changed gears, they make a nice POP when they break loose. POM/Delrin is a naturally slick surface that not much wants to stick to.