Thoughts on the Exway Wave?

Been looking to add a travel-friendly shortboard to the collection and the Exway Wave has become an ‘interesting’ alternative to DIYing my own primarily because of its hot-swappable batteries.

However, the whole package–from the lackluster drive train to proprietary ESC–is pretty expensive for what you get compared to a standard DIY in the same price range. Am I getting irrationally excited over their removable batteries or is this feature actually paying a premium for? What do y’all think?

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Paging Dr Gordon

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I’m probably going to get later down the road but not now since I already have the flex and I’m not going anywhere needing swapping batteries anytime soon. Maybe once commuting starts again.

So far the Exway Hub Drivetrains have been pretty good. Does what it needs to do. The riot has a design flaw with its motor covers but they’re still decent I would say. I don’t see the point of putting a Uber powerful drive train on a Commercial product not meant for Uber power.

Spec wise, yes, form factor no. Until DIY comes out with the same quick swappability there’s no point of comparing. It’s either you want the board for the Quick Swap or you don’t. That should be you’re only consideration for this board since that’s it’s main feature.

I wouldn’t say so. I am. Probably going to cop it next year Summer and use it as a commuting board.


If you want that sort of swappability in a diy I’ve got 3 words



actually interested in a shortboard, exway wave seems to be a good choice?

Depends on your needs. If you don’t see the use for the swapability or smart battery, get a BKB or other Chinese Brand Shortboard

I wouldn’t mind having ability to swap battery on the fly, but its not a must. it will be mainly for my commute to work. I would prefer a belt driven board instead of hub, most other chinese brand (e.g. backfire) uses hub instead.

BKB seems like a good option, website shows its still pre-order stage tho

The Tatyo shouldn’t be on Pre-order

@BuildKitBoards, if he was to order the Tatyo today when would he get it (Seems like he’s in Hong Kong)?

Oh im not in rush, just looking for a shortboard to try, seems like I need more maneuverability turning 90 degree corners and dodging pedestrians.

BKB seems really good now that I think about it, easier to service it myself or swap out the flipshit esc :rofl: :rofl:

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Parts are sort of stuck at the port in LA. Shouldn’t be more than 10 days until kits start shipping


For traveling Wave is perfect and has no competitors, but that’s about it imho.

Exway seems to be reputed for reliability however? Has anyone broken or killed one yet?

Compared to hazard of other brands in this segment I mean.

the only part I managed to damage is the “Line-X” coating, or whatever that material is

Also had old backfire g2s (deck swapped), chucked the wheels so bad that I had to replace it before giving it to my friend, trucks and internal electronic still fine tho

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If the quick swap battery functionality is a requirement I’d seriously consider the revel board kit also which also has that functionality but you can switch decks pretty easily also.

Throw it on the wave deck and you have like 90% of the experience or bolt it onto the exway flex deck and same deal

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Sophia from baesk8 has one. Its Sony cells 1p.

Looks like a winner. But tiny battery

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