thoughts on Nobleman fireproof bag?

Just came across this video:

I had been thinking of building some kind of metal enclosure for my board since i don’t have somewhere “safe” to store it or charge it, but this seems to do a well enough job at containing a fire. thoughts on this or other storage methods?

I know a special someone who may or may not receive one and intentionally put a flaming battery in there to test the claims :eyes:

@Psychotiller ?

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He’s not a special someone.


Lol, Dave has proven time and time again that he doesn’t give a fuck if his batteries catch fire. Why would he bother?


So he doesn’t get sued.

How is taking a video of one of your batteries on fire in somebody else’s product gonna stop you from getting sued?

If you don’t want your batteries to catch fire, build better batteries.


No, I mean if he made shitty batteries, would he not be scared of getting sued?

There is no ‘if’ required in this statement.

Apparently not.


I’m interested to see an independent test. I had asked them if they had tested it, they said they planned on it, I told them they should take video. And I don’t feel their video is conclusive

A few random thoughts….

  • Li-Ion cells in thermal runaway don’t need oxygen for the reactions. The oxygen is provided by the materials in the cells. Since it happens in the cells there’s no outside oxygen to help out anyway. There’s no way to stop this reaction with the bag.

  • The cells often ignite their plastic separator, plastic wrap, the fishpaper, and any other flammable materials though and these fires can continue long after the thermal runaway reactions have stopped. It could ignite materials on the board or eventually even the board itself. Blocking any more oxygen from reaching these fires can definitely help limit further damage.

  • The smoke will still get out of the bag and it is incredibly toxic. It will certainly be better than having no bag at all but the danger this smoke presents should be considered. Do not keep the bag in a place where children or pets could be exposed to the smoke.

  • If your pack gets toasty during charging it will get even hotter if you charge while it’s in the bag. I recommend charging slower if using the bag. But since many might start to charge overnight once they get the bag they might be charging slower anyway since they have more time.

  • I would have a few concerns if a pack was resting directly on the bag, where the “blowtorch” flames from the pack would be directly on the bag material, but with the pack being in the board it’s actually insulated from the bag. The bag only has to help stop any fires from continuing (by blocking more oxygen from getting in) once the cells have stopped reacting.

I’m excited to see the testing video that certain someone special does!


I know a special someone who has his boards just laying around in his shop :eyes: (its me)

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