There is not enough decks to play with all those cool drivetrains and wheels!

Finding a perfect deck with perfect enclosure is such a pain for me, especially for decks around 30". I’ve got still so many drive trains I want to try out such as TBDD, gear drive, hub motors after I finished an AT and a regular HAYA build.

I am looking for a short board I can easily carry around but those good ones are never coming back. Jet spud, Tayto, MOV-E (There is a short version of HAYA but it is still 34 inches or something). Even if I found one there would be another month searching for the perfect enclosure.

So why not just replace the trucks on the finished build? Well there is only such little time for a regular working class man like me and I think I spent more free time building than riding and I hate seeing perfect drive trains sitting around eating dust.

The other day I saw @Winfly waiting for his MOV-E so impatiently and I can feel it. But I still feel he’s lucky because I wasn’t even aware of esk8 until recently so I missed the group buy.

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@BigBen is the enclosure guy. He has molds for different decks


They are usually very busy which proved my point that it’s easier to get a drive train than a perfect deck/enclosure combo.

There’s also the famous


TB You should design and sell integrated decks, not a lot of those in the US.

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@esk8 - Yeah, we have our old one listed above but I’m testing a new one which hopefully should be done soon.

Similar to Hummie Deck with a 620x160x15 cavity. Hopefully, have it so you can use modular parallel packs with 12s4p or 12s8p.


Give us more on this!

Innovation is hard to do at 400% markup from a pure outsourced factory arrangement.

The electronics are aside from that due to innovation being in the design & s/w phases, you can outsource the rest then switch them on and they either work or they don’t, the QA is easier apart from the odd problem board and safety notwithstanding

Diyelectric 110s - thoughtful design, farmed pour to Cali at loss to huge markup

LaCroix Nazare trucks - same and utilized best of breed/experience, did not go the 1000 units of bushings from China that somewhat work but paid for the best. Perhaps the trucks are farmed out then quality checked in Canada, nothing wrong with that.

If Enertion want to be taken seriously apart from the Unity it needs to revitalize the hubs with the same philosophy, pay for the curved magnets, pay for fancy windings I’m hard to make kv, pay for best bearings, battle harden the shit out of them and wrap in the best shoes made in Cali

You can do all of that or go back to belt drive

That is not where the market is going despite all the advantages. it is a oil stained hand and a spanner in the back pocket, sure there is many who like the ritual of tightening and dealing with a broken belt and changing gearing.

But that is not future shit

Doing all of the things you just mentioned will increase their cost dramatically. You will see the price go up by several $100. Who is going to pay that given their track record?

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Direct drive is inferior to a reduced ratio transmission in so many ways, I don’t understand why people bother with it…
Yes, this is my opinion and you are not going to change it in this case.


Price me up for quality for 1000 dual units -

  • Curved magnets n42/42sh/52 etc
  • Retaining ring and good quality high temp magnet epoxy
  • Japanese bearings
  • battle hardening (cheaper epoxy)
  • Quality thane but fuck it the thane you can buy yourself given it’s not over the motor anymore eg diyelectric/mad hubs/carvon/
  • Square wire or copper wire with very thin silver core…little innovation

$100s or $100?

Yes $100’s

That’s a quick answer

Let me put it this way, swissboards we’re going to do ^ or most or it but fell against a problem with the silver

they tried pure silver and it kept snapping during winding, my suggestion above would separate into less heat losses

I’m not clear on the pricing above standard fare for the list above, while I would accept elucidation and education on pricing for large quantities, I’m not sure your answer reached that part, but thanks all the same.

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Haha just think its pointless to delve into it because its not my problem :joy:


Debate!! How many times do I have to tell you? You got to haggle.

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Given my skin colour I already know how to haggle


I can spell neodendium

But you put 2 years and $100k+ of customers money to see it all fail. What do you do when you don’t have your own money to make things right? Throwing all current molds and factory relationships out the window where do you go? You start again.

Start from zero with all the investments and designs then there isn’t anything stopping you doing what you just mentioned.

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