The year is 2022, Jason and MassiveStator is still a scam

NOTE, DO NOT BUY from MassiveStator!!!

I was helping a friend with a build and happy to report that MassiveStator with Jason behind it is still the same scam as ever!.

The Order

  • 2x 6355 Motors Titan X55
  • 2x 15 tooth Steel motor Pulleys

What I got

Rusted and scratched motors, where the side of the “titanum” is pitted and rusted

Motor pulleys of different teeth count and one with a 8mm ID

Please Jason go away, kindly.


Have you mailed him about this? If so, what was his reply?

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Well the customer service rep, offered to send the correct motorpulley and I could expect some “machining” defects on the motors as it should not impede performance, no warranty no nothing so far.

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holy damn how can a niche business fuck up this bad? is the dude packing orders while pretending to have 6 online personalities and smoking potting compound?


Well if you don’t know Jason Potter, it’s kinda his deal, over selling his junk, then unable to ship orders of functioning items and then complain when customers are unhappy.


Well I certainly had that experience with 2 tenkas

Well, expecting it to ACTUALLY be titanium might have been a reach

The mismatched pulleys are ridiculous but at least they offered to fix it

Doesn’t the site state NO WARRANTY/RETURNS on a bunch of stuff?

Same old same old from the same old scummy scum


Well they list the motor bells as to be made out of titanium so I hope they are.


Oh there’s no way lol

It’s probably a titanium plating or coating on the outside

its not a lie its an incomplete truth.


battle-hardened on the inside & titanium tough on the outside.

Titanium Rotor

On the outside is a Toughened, Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant, Titanium Jacket.

They can say whatever they want, I say it’s a bunch of hogwash

It’s vinyl wrap. I will not be accepting any other explanations on the matter.

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“You can tell it’s a vinyl wrap because of the way it is”