The universal board- 3 in 1 built thread (updating, going to be really special)

New thing that I’m working on for a while- Merging almost all my boards into one.

The idea is to take base unit (deck/battery/bms/lights) and keep the trucks and esc as modules I can easily change.

The boards that I want to make:

  • E-Toxx mountain board setup
  • Full suspension 2WD board for speeds
  • Full suspension 4WD board for offroad

for the deck I used @IDEA deck since it’s the best solution for my requirements. this deck is really high quality wood and carbon lamination.
I had to add my twist to the deck so I reshaped it on the CNC machine and added E-Toxx flaps :slight_smile:

CNC cuts:

Etoxx flaps:

Drills support:

Encloser for 12S4P Samsung 50S 21700 cells:

Mold for the composite encloser:

Logo mount:

Made with LED ring, TPU spacer, FR4 support, gasket, Acrylic, and carbon plate, bt led driver and voltage regulator.


Thanks, I’m glad you like my deck, your board is the most extreme compilation of all that were created based on my deck and brackets :slight_smile:

You were the forerunner of the inclined brackets for MTB trucks in the IDEA deck.
Now many other boards have been made with these brackets but yours is a real monster


@IDEA Thank you my friend

Time to share this big project, it will also motivate me to finish it.
The first build that I’m going to share is the E-Toxx setup. to make it happen, I asked for Idea prototype 35 degrees brackets. it wasn’t a big deal for him :slight_smile:

Drill supports making:


Continue with logo making:

  1. CNC for main hub
  2. 3D print LED ring TPU spacer
  3. CNC acrylic and carbon
  4. CNC and laser cut bottom holder with gasket

Made from 12mm thickness 6061 aluminum, 2 sides mounting:


Drills, Thread and attaching to the body with 3M DP460:

Acrylic and carbon logo- That was hard! I had to make pockets in the clear part and matching holes on the carbon with the cnc. it sounds easy but with those tight tolerances it took me time to fit it good.
I attached the part with silicone to the hub in case I want to replace in the future:

The Led and driver I used are amazon parts. RGB and bt driver that you can play with from the phone.
I liked the evolve hadean logo too much :slight_smile:

First test:

I bought the E-Toxx set from Jens almost 2 years ago. I havn’t use it too much, it looks too good to scratch. :joy:
Electrical setup chosen for it is Trampa 160kv 6374 motors and Vesc 6 esc. my remote is the VX4 that I really really like.

After I put it on the new deck:

I also added some printed parts and carbon plates between the brackets and Etoxx parts to make it look better, I will add it on the next progress with the encloser making.
until then, hope you enjoy the posts…


Aaaaaannnnnndddd you have my BOTY vote already :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Finally, some good fucking food. Will be watching this thread closely. Love seeing parts made from scratch!


Loving that light! Gorgeous build here, cant wait to see where it goes.

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Got the XCELL RS V2 tires finally, looks much better for my opinion.
Motors will be changes to AXI5345/16 195kv motors (equal to 6384)


Goddamn this thing is sexual


After long brake it’s time to continue

After reducing the tire size I lost speed so the ESC changed to 75V vescs from @Trampa (got them today, Thank you!)
The battery also changed to 16S3P instead the 12S4P on @DuckBatterySystems PCB.

The old battery cover was temporary solution (and really ugly) Aluminum sheet metal. I didn’t share it with you until I can present the new modular battery.

The Idea was to make modular boards with easy assembly so the battery is also modular. made also configuration for the duck battery but I think I will stay with 16S for all boards in the end.
it’s going to have internal isolation from FR4 and padding if you are worried :slight_smile:

for motors I’m still considering two options for now:

  1. 2X AXI 5345/16 (equal to 6384 by size) on 1:5 reduction .
  2. second stage gear from E-toxx with 800kv 5694 800kv SSS motor on 1:15.25 reduction

parts for today, Monday the rest


That enclosure design looks great!!!

Cutting update, everything seems to fit great, continue to internal and external plate installation



Steal his look today!