The ULTIMATE Electric Skateboard Kit

Hey guys! I’m finally about to launch the full electric skateboard kits that I have been working on for over a year. Im not really marketing this towards forum users as I’m trying to get new builders into the industry, so I just wanted to post some info here so we can talk about it.

All parts, tools, and education will be provided. Absolutley everything you need to build your own high performance DIY board without the DIY hassle.

More info at

Let me know what you think! If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them.


What’s in there out of interest?

How will you market them to find new customers outside of the community here?

10s2p for single kits and 10s3p for dual, Samsung 30Q’s with a bypassed Bestech BMS.

I only have about 25 kits in the first batch, after those are sold I will be going with a marketing firm and focusing there.


This is smart Jared. Research them well! They do make a living off selling themselves :joy:


I think you have very competitive pricing for a good board. Plus it’s so simple anyone can put it together and maybe progress more into DIY once they get the taste of it.


Where the hell was this when I first started? I probably would have been satisfied w this kit vs my first teamgee board. Now, I’m trapped in the abyss of DIY madness. :laughing:


really could have used this 6 months ago :scream:

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Congrats my man! Hope this goes great for you, really competitive pricing and enticing components


Man this is awesome. I’d be tempted to buy one if I wasn’t in the process of building a board currently. If these kits stay around I could definitely see myself picking one up. Would the kit be flexible? Say I didn’t need the vesc or wheels/gears.


@BuildKitBoards How do you possibly make money off this? I did a quick estimate for the single drive, and it’s like $1000 to make it from individual parts…it’s literally 40% for everything as a base price

Same applies to the dual, it ends up like $1270ish


First off, GOOD JOB! Can definitely see this disrupting the prebuilt industry especially if it translates the “DIY” language into something the casual prebuilt customer can understand. “No Programming or Soldering. Easy to Assemble”.

Some questions:

  1. Are those ranges listed based off of “cruising” speeds

  2. “KIT” means these aren’t pre-built? IKEA style?

  3. Any possibility of providing an optional longboard style or is that part of the plan to get the customer into DIY by bolting it onto their deck of choice?


Unfortunatley not, managing that would be a nightmare

2 years of experience. Profit margin is thin, but the price is designed to work at scale.

Thank you! This is exactly what Im aiming to do


Yes, they are maximum ranges based on cruising speed (about 12mph) I have gone full bore on the dual motor with an average speed of 22mph and climbing hills and I got 16.5 miles

IKEA style, but nothing like IKEA directions. Full guided assembly, and Skype customer support if you can get anything working.

To scale, I need to limit SKU’s, and having the customer use their own deck provides too many variables. Sticking with the Tayto 31" for now, but am open to anything in the future


How are you useing a vesc and still haveing no programming required?

Pre programmed vesc cuz all his components are the same


Exactly what @Kellag said, pre programmed with labeled phase leads. In the future we will use MR60 connectors so there is no confusion.


Do prices include shipping?

is it programmed for each kit? no one motor is the same

I’m assuming each kit is plugged in, programmed, labeled and then detached.

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If there is any way to ship it to my country, they will sell great, just need bigger wheels for the conditions of the streets…Great starting price…Might buy one to my daughter in law to go to the University (with bigger wheels of course), congrats…

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