The totaly 100% legal MTB

So I’ve finally bought myself a new board to convert. I still have a lot of planning to do and figuring out how the straps work

I also have a question before I continue this build, with the last gen MBS comp 95 can I run the mechanical breaks on the back and motors on the front, or is it better to use regenerative breaking in the motors?


Unfortunately there is around 20 ish cm of snow or around 2 and a half big macs. So I’m working on the design of a pair of mud guards. So a lot of measurements, hmmmm. I could ask @IDEA for some more accurate measurements.

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You definitely want the motors in the back or 4wd depending on your budget
I don’t think I’ve ever seen brakes on an electric mountain board?

Yeah that’s what I guessed. It’s just that I thought it would be cool to have


Could you not run motors in back and brakes up front? Use motor brakes from remote, and use brake brakes for snow or if its slidey, idk how practical it would be either way, but if youre set on the “cool” factor of brakes that would be my 2cents.

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hmm, hadn’t thought about that. But yeah I think that would work

I’m hopefully able to buy the needed parts some time after/around christmas. Now I just need to decide If I want a top mounted ESC and battery or if I want a flexible pack under the board.

(source: 4WD Hub Motor Mountainboard planing - #2 by MrDrunkenMobster)

I also need to decide if I’m going to run the breaks on this board or not. Because If I am I’m gonna have to make a pair out of some bike breaks.
I also need to etch in some kind of ID number on either the ESC or the motor so I can get insurance for the board.


If flexy deck id reccomend top, idk if youll find or want to make an underslung enclosure for the deck :thinking: could be wrong, still fairly new here.

I was assuming you were just going to purchase a set of brakes from mbs :sweat_smile: the shit people make here makes me feel inept in my capability.

Esk8 insurance?!? :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl: where and whats that run you? If you dont mind my asking. Do you get esk8 license plate?

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What country sorry? Cant it be insured as a personal item?

Just norwegian laws. All small PEV’s has to have insurance, E-sk8, scooter, bikes etc.

Its norwegian law, and its insured as a personal vehicle

its around 7 usd a month. But no, no licence plate, usually for escooters (which the insurance is aimed at) there is an ID number on it, so you would use that numb instead. But because none of my parts have it im tempted to see if there is any way to get it registered as an electric moped, and make the speed limit legal. Because its calculated to go around 40km/h ish and PEV’s can only go 20km/h. But i haven’t looked into that possibility yet

Okay so I just came out of a long conversation with me dad and brother and we have thought a bit. Since the ESC needs to have a speed limit sett by the sellers, and my dad theoretically has a one man company he could flash an VESC and then sell that ESC to me with the speed limiter on it. I’ll just have to talk to the insurance company and the road creature (it’s a Norwegian word I don’t know how to translate. Veivesenet)


Hmmm, what dual VESC would people recommend? 36V battery

Jesus I hate the norwegian shipping laws.

So, I was planning on buying this ESC
And when 110 USD turns to 170 USD it’s very demotivating trying to even get started on buying parts

Now I just need to get some money