The "super tanker"

So this has been a lot of firsts for me ( 1st board, 1st battery build, 1st diy board) so excuse some of the roughness of things as I’m still in the process of learning.

This build all came from the fact that I’ve wanted a board for ages but nothing really fit exactly what i wanted. To be honest i could have saved some dollars buying smaller components but under stressed parts last longer right?

i started with the deck and trucks as i wanted more of a mountain style board to hit fire trails and offroad sections near my home, after looking about everywhere and almost about to pay the eye watering freight costs to get a tampa deck from the UK to australia i found a local company who dropped it off on his morning dog walk.

next step was the drive system, after getting a bit confused with belt systems and not being able to find what i wanted locally i ended up biting the bullet and going a boarddynamics M1-AT system and some Reacher 6386 205kv motors, ill admit here that i fell down the “standard motors will be too slow” and probably went waaaaayy bigger than i really needed, but hell i really do like the look and they always stayed cool to the touch even through hilly parts of my ride.

afterwards was lights, i knew from the start that i didn’t want to mess about having to charge lights separately as I’m always forgetting to do it on my bike didnt want to be left short on an evening ride. i factored the extra power usage into my ideas for the battery and eventually decided on a 4wd light bar

battery. i wanted range. i may have over done it slightly. after sourcing cells direct from the manufacturer ive built a 12s8p 21700 32ah brick. this was tbh the most challenging part of the build but was a lot of fun to learn about.

in the end it took me 3 solid days to build the battery and another day and a half to finish the wiring and general setup but I’ve ended up with a board that will definitely have room to grow with me.


Dang dude - you knocked it out of the park. Nicely done!


Nicely done. Good to have another Perth member here! Hopefully will see you out and about soon. I’ve got a RAMM deck build too with same drives and my brother will very soon as well :blush:.

*Edit: actually my Reachers are 173kv so close to same drives with BN gears as well.


Flew back to work today but Hoping to make one of the weeknight rides when im home next.

Gotta try and sort out a lighting setup for my partners tynee mini2 so she can come too.

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I haven’t been to one of those nights in a long time as mid week is tough with family.

Often get out on weekends though and all the ERL events so maybe one day soon we’ll cross paths :crossed_fingers:

Weekends are fine with me too, im eyeing off the trail that goes through the swan view tunnel atm.

If its dry enough ive got a 20km ish route to try if youre keen?

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Nice, damn that is one huge brick, how does it ride though?

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I love a good go anywhere board.

I really love a great go anywhere board :metal:


With 50psi in the tyres and my 115kg frame riding its like a magic carpet. Just about all bumps and imperfections are ironed out, though still have plenty of traction even in the wet


Ayyyy u did it! Good on ya bro! Very nice first build :call_me_hand: Enjoy the fruits of ya labour :beers:

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Have completed 250km on it now and did my first range test.

Managed 52km at an average speed of 32km/h and got home with 14% battery, so I’d say I could comfortably hit the 60km mark without too much trouble


How’s the flex on that deck?

This build looks great! I really need to get my go-anywhere off-road build going soon. I still have a shopping cart loaded over at Apex but now my car needs a new engine.


Is this Ali-express slang for: “my eskate needs new motors” ???


no like I literally burned up my engine in my rav4, apparently it was leaking oil and I had no indication of it, so it got low and started knocking before I realized what was happening. now I get to buy a new one. So much for my apex build for now. I’ll probably have to wait till spring to start wasting that kind of money.

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That sucks man.

One of the few blessings I have in life is my company car. But it put me in the corner of being afraid of owning my own car (by hearing these stories). I never owned a car before and now it’s like a dysfunctional reason to not quit my job


Back on topic:

Noice board mate

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It’s pretty stiff but that’s what I was aiming for, though with my 115kgs on it, it’s still soaks up the worst bumps.

Bit of an update.

600km of riding later and she’s been faultless. The only thing I’ve done is put on a set of bindings and done a bit of tweaking to the vesc to free up some more amps for off road use.

The MBS trucks have been super stable to 50kmh and feel like they’d still be good to it’s max speed of 75kmh, I just need to find somewhere open and flat enough to really give it a good power run


So, summer has finally started to kick in and my ESC enclosure which was perfect for winter waterproofing is not great for hot weather… who knew?

After several rescues at early hours of the morning by my long suffering partner I’ve decided to not push my luck with her too much and get another enclosure.

Enter my local builder core mountain boarding with their top mount ESC housing. Hopefully with its solid metal base plate and air gap should solve my heat issues.

I’ve updated my tail lights to led strips for a bit more visibility from the rear and sides as well


Very nice! Yeah @tas_ERL has a nice box

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