The ''STEALTH'' | Tayto BKB 31'' | 10S6P | Focbox | New Shredder trucks | NLS Hubs

First of all I want to thank all the Facebook ESKATE-DIY chat group for the help and support.

A bigger thanks to @danieloath to for all his help and support on building this DIY.

This is my first build and my second esk8 ( I have an Evolve GTX 2in1)

The whole idea came up when I wanted something more stealth than my current custom GTX.

It still a working progress, I’m open to tips and comments to improve the final result.

-Tayto BKB 31’’
-Shredder trucks
-Meepo NLS hubs
-Meepo 100mm NLS wheels
-Abec 11 bearings
-Enertion FOCBOX Unity
-Enertion Nano-X remote
-106SP custom battery pack by @Tony_Stark with Samsung 30Q cell, 3000mAh, 15A discharge rate
-BKB custom enclosure stacked version
-Custom skull X-Things
-Seismic Lokton Griptape ‘‘Ninja Pattern’’
-Venom bushings (95A deck & 93A street)
More to come…STAY TUNED…

As per ‘‘Relive’’ app, the max speed reached by me was 48kmh.
I can definitely say that it can go faster than that I just do not feel safe in such a small deck lol.

After 3 weeks finally BKB made and delivered my Tayto 31’’ and my custom stacked enclosure…
Happy as Larry :slight_smile:

Custom battery pack!
I opted for a 106SP custom battery pack with Samsung 30Q cell, 3000mAh, 15A discharge rate to make sure that I will obtain a ‘‘decent’’ range.

Meepo ‘‘stuff’’ got delivered, installed and paired with the Enertion Focbox Unity

My Australian Samsung 30Q cells 3000mAh battery pack is almost ready :smiley:

:bomb::bomb::bomb: :smile:

The bomb has just been delivered!

Locked on the deck, clean and dusted… Ready to go!!! :fast_forward::fast_forward::fast_forward:


Tiffany blue deck with matching screws and new griptape

Matching bolts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Custom X skull things in Tiffany’s blue! :large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond:

Quick change of bushings and it is ready to be tested!


So happy!
It is finally done!
My first DIY, can’t wait to properly test it!
I’m open to further suggestions and opinions


Good job man, I hear the first DIY is always the best because of that sense of achievement. keep it up and nice ride!


Thank you very much for your kindness! :smiley:

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That is a nice build and well done. Not sure that the deck is all that stealth though brother :joy::joy:


That’s an impressive first build with a lot of nice detail. Well done, sir! Matched your trust level from Builder’s Forum and great to see you here.

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Nice take on the grip tape.



Many Thanks :smiley:

I really appreciate that you like it :star_struck:


Awesome build, especially for being a first one. I love the color of the board, tiffany blue is just gorgeous. Did you preorder the unity or did you buy it from someone on the forum?

Also, why did you chose hubs over belt motors? I assume it is because of weight

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A friend has purchased multiple units and he had one that he did not use it, so I have bought it off him.

The name of the board (STEALTH) is the reason why I have chosen hubs over belts.

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This looks amazing. Love the attention to detail.


Thank You :smiley:

very nice build and awesome grip tape design… How are you liking the meepo wheels? is it a soft ride?

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Thanks, I’ve done a mini ride today, just less than five miles.
So far they are ok. they are not AT and they are not the classic abec107mm

More opinions will come later.

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I love it

I wonder how powerful those hubs feel, what current have you set up your unity to

That board must be way faster than your gtx

Thanks! At the moment my hubs are set to ‘‘MAX MOTOR CURRENT’’ 30A.

It feels faster than the GTX…I have not pushed to max yet.

Dude. I love everything about it except the skull x things. Awesome build, great work.

Btw, where did you get those

They looked real nice and would love to have them on my next shortboard build.

Also, what kind of tape is that? And how does it work as insulation compared to the fish paper that is mostly used?

I’m going to change them when I will find something else that I like. they were the only ones that fitted on this deck